The $1 Trash Lamp Called "Bamboo Work"




Introduction: The $1 Trash Lamp Called "Bamboo Work"

Wait a minute, throwing an old mat away. Be sustainable and reuse it to make your own reflecting lamp!

This lamp is extremely experimental, there is no ONE WAY to make it!

Be creative and shape your own Bamboo Lamp!


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Step 1: The Basic Plan

This elemental plan can be altered and manipulated through the lamp making process, in accordance to the function and ornamentation of the lamp.

The shape of the structural form was drawn after carrying out step 2.

Step 2: Transforming the Bamboo Mat Into Interesting Scultural Forms

Using the bamboo mat, cut it into basic geometric shapes and then take any two corners and fold in the opposite direction, where the mat becomes stiff. Enjoy and explore by making diverse forms!

Tool needed: Just a scissor and a SHAPE IN MIND!

Step 3: Making the Structure Stable and Functional


- Fabric Glue

- Needle thread (sewing)

- Anything you think is feasible in that situation

Keep in mind that more dominance should be given to the functional aspect of the lamp, otherwise being fashion dominated, the lamp it will loose it purpose as a designed product.

Step 4: Circular Wooden Base

Finding wood in trash or on side paths isn't hard. Depending upon the shape of your base preference, use the band saw or sanding machine to transform the scrap piece of wood into a lamp base. Rough dimensions 10 inch diameter (-/+)

Secondly, make a hole at the midpoint of the radius, 2.5 inch along the middle of the wood. Choose a size of the blade according to the diameter of your metal hollow cylinder.

Contrasting to the material of the bamboo mat, you can make the base of the lamp into a darker hue.

- Rust Oleum Wood Stain Cabernet hue is used, this brand is recommended as it is a one coat colour and fast drying

- Minwax Clear Semi-Gloss, to give an extra finish to the base.

Use a cloth, preferably cotton to stain the wood. Please note that this cloth cannot be used again. IT WILL BE DESTROYED!

Step 5: Combine the Two Forms

You can use anything that is hollow, 1 or 2 feet long rod as the stand.

It is important for it to be hollow as the bulb and wire will go through it!

Step 6: How to Add the Wire and Bulb

Ones the metal cylinder is inserted, put the cord through the cylinder all the way out till it reaches a plug point.

Then place the bulb holder at the top of the cylinder firmly.

Add the bulb!

NOTE: Using a warm LED Light is preferable and safe!

Step 7: Assembling and De-assembling

This lamp can be always be de-assembled very easily.

All individual parts are JOINED not glued, hence you can REUSE and RECYCLE them !


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    6 Discussions


    3 years ago

    Awesome!! voted


    3 years ago

    How is the shade supported? Looks like it rests on the bulb, if so....smell that? something is burning....

    Devyanshi Arya
    Devyanshi Arya

    Reply 3 years ago

    sincere apologies for not making this clear, this particular bulb is an LED (warm light) bulb.

    using wire to provide support will be an alternative if you choose to use a regular bulb for the lamp!

    - regards.


    3 years ago

    Very pretty, the mat makes a great shade :)