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Introduction: The $1 Pliers Rack

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I've been looking at making a rack for my drawer full of pliers. For a long time they've been kinda floating on top of each other. I've seen plans here and on youtube to make your own, but they seemed too labor intensive. Call me lazy, but I don't want to spend an hour making a rack for my pliers. I nearly bought a rack online, but as luck would have it I stumbled across a rack I felt I could modify. Best of all, I found it at the Dollar Store! Let's get started!

Step 1: Buy the Rack and Get Ready to Cut

Here's a picture of the rack I bought. I found it at the Dollar Store in the kitchen supplies area. To cut it, I busted out my brand new bolt cutters. A pair of diagonal cutters, hacksaw, etc. would also work. Making this rack took all of five minutes.

Step 2: Cut It Down!

Remove the tips off of the legs and then mark the legs where you want to cut it. The drawers on the toolbox I'm fitting this rack is are 2" tall. I decided to cut one set of legs to 1.5" and the other set of legs at 0.5" to give the rack an angled stance. This is so it would be easier to remove the pliers when done. Once cut, I took the legs to the grinding wheel for a quick grind to make them flat and then reinstalled the tips. That's it! All done!

Step 3: Install and Enjoy!

I set up the rack with the taller side up against the drawer front. Then installed some pliers and tested it out. It works great! On the next one I build I might cut out some of the rails to make a larger gap to fit thicker handled snips.

Well, there it is folks! Hope you enjoyed this instructable!



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    Hahahaha what a great simple. Tnx for sharing. you got my vote

    1 reply

    I did a similar thing, but with left over metal closet racking. I'm too cheap to pay $20 for a $1 scrap piece. It's worked very well for over two years. It keeps my plier drawer very organized and I can tell when one is missing.

    1 reply

    Indeed, there are probably many various racks out there that would work with some modification. Pfred2 commented about modifying a dish rack. A little creativity goes a long way. And yeah, knowing when one is missing is definitely nice, I agree 100%.


    8 months ago

    I made a dish strainer style rack for pliers. It wasn't that hard. But I made mine to go on top of a toolbox, not in a drawer. I was just throwing pliers in the top of the box and I never could find anything in that pile. They're my overflow pliers. They don't fit in my drawer toolbox. Now there's a pile of pliers behind the racked row. At least I can still get to some of them.

    1 reply

    It sucks when pliers are disorganized. Standing them on edge makes far more sense. I should have done it a long time ago. I know a guy who uses a dish rack to organize circular saw and table saw blades.

    Most excellent idea! It becomes a burden when you have to continue repositioning pliers to get them to fit flat in a drawer. I can't wait to try this. Thanks!

    1 reply

    Glad you enjoyed it! It's not the sturdiest of racks TBH, but it doesn't need to be either. It's not actually holding any weight from above, just keeping the pliers from tipping over. For $1 you really can't go wrong!