The 10-Cent Kite




Introduction: The 10-Cent Kite

This is a simple Kite that only uses about 10 cents of material to build.

Step 1: Get the Stuff

Step 2: Build the Keeper-Opener-Thingy

Step 3: Mount the Keeper-Opener-Thingy

Step 4: String It Up

Step 5: The Final Touch



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    9 Discussions

    put a hold about the size of a quarter in the top it gets more stabilized and it sucks air in more and it goes higher

    Technically, what you have made here is a drogue - it generates no lift, just drag.

    Fasten the string higher up, so that the frame tilts towards the flier, and you might get lift, but you'll probably need a tail as well.

    Fun make, though.

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    Will something like this create enough drag to pull a person across the street on a skateboard? given the right amount of wind.

    Maybe hypothetically.  If there is enough wind and enough kites than it will work.  Please post a movie of you're attempt.

    actually I've made one of these before and they are fun if u have a little wind and no kite on hand. To bad it has no lift.

    I was looking for something like this for quite a while. Only question: in the intro the plastic bag is with bottom and in step 3 the bottom is cut off?

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    Thanks for the nice comment.  The bottom is there in all the steps but in some it might appear that way.  The first three pics show a different bag then the other ones.