The 10 Inch Iron Throne Phone Dock Aka Forbidden Throne Revenge





Introduction: The 10 Inch Iron Throne Phone Dock Aka Forbidden Throne Revenge

About Two Years ago I did my 1st Throne Prototype in this very website.

I was hoping to win a 3D printer or a laser cutter. I worked my butt off to get it done and enter it into the contest but unfortunately i did not win. My 1st prototype was that, just a prototype. i'm pretty sure i released it before HBO release their paper weight size Throne but any who. I might have not won the instructable but i sure got a lot of attention and a couple people wanted to buy one. Since it was not just a paper weight but also allowed you to charge your phone at that time the iphone 4 and 5.

However, HBO didn't like young entrepreneurs getting ahead of them in releasing products that consumers really wanted. They came after me with a cease and desist and asked me to take down anything related to this product from the inter-webs. Even asked me to take down my instructable which i found very odd which i blatantly refused.

Since This phone charging station didn't exist i then asked to get a licensing deal from HBO hoping to be able to sell this product. However, they said that someone or some company was already working on something like this. So my licensing deal never came to be.

A year passed and no product was ever released which i found odd because it would of been able to have a better prototype in a couple of months even better one in a year. Anyways i once again contacted HBO licensing department instead of the legal department and asked for a licensing deal again.

This is when i found out why people specially little companies never get licensing deals from big corporations. I was again denied saying something about my company being too small and not having the ability to "mass produce" i'm guessing because i would be making them here in the US not in China like their overpriced throne.

Anyways like i said before that one iron throne prototype was just that a prototype. I moved on and Created a blue Meth Throne and a couple of other products. However, this unfinished product always bugged me. So without a licensing deal i decided to go back at it again and create a final product to show you guys what this Forbidden Throne would have looked like if i was given a licensing deal. This process took me about a month and a half you can see my progress pics on http://www.instagram/mstyle183 and look back a couple of weeks.

So anyways last time i made the mistake of trying to say i was copying the iron Throne. I also made the mistake of calling it the Iron Throne. You see the way design patents work is that you cannot get a design patent on usable items like a chair. So i believe the reason HBO came after me for "copyright" infringement instead of design patent infringement is because they can't argue that in court because this a phone charger. So they really stretched out the whole copyright thing.. because by their own argument someone making a paper dragon could be infringing in their copyright. But i'm not a lawyer, also i don't have a "established track records, sound financial footing, experience in licensing and the ability to mass produce product and deliver it to retailers reliably". Hence why i can't get a licensing deal from HBO.

Anyways Once again i'm stating that this is not and HBO product!! this is not a copy as you can see by the size and pattern or the small "Daggers". My Old Throne was very far from the original design and so it's this.. so please save the Cease and desist letters. Also in case you were wondering i WILL NOT take down this instructable or my other instructables i don't care how many lawyers you send me. I'm doing this to educate other people who would like to create products that you aren't creating!


Leaving all the legalities and history behind this product aside This product was created in the same manner my Blue Meth Throne was created and my Imperial Throne Was created by a lots and lots of 3d modeling hours.. here are some links to those pieces

I been 3D modeling for about 11 years so all i can do is post pics of my 3D models until i can afford to buy a license for camtasia to record my self modeling.

Step 1: Test Print and Examine Your Mistakes

One thing i learned when 3d printing is that you should do a test print before printing your 10 inch throne. The test print should be a considerably smaller to save time. 3D printers specially cheap 3d printers have very limited print areas so in order to 3D print a 10 inch large print you have to slice your model into multiple pieces. So when inspecting your 10 inch print you don't want to find small flaws 30 hours of 3d printing later.

You see if you 3d model something this complicated for dozens of hours you tend to oversee small and large flaws. So in order to avoid hours and hours of wasted 3d printing i now do small test prints. This allows you time to inspect your 3d model in your hands.

I made my self a tiny apple remote holder in order to check out my 3d model. While doing this just like a suspected i found a couple of flaws that would of bugged me really bad with a 10 inch print.. The corners had a lot of space between the "daggers" also some daggers were too close to each other which lead to some flat boring places.. The best case of this can be seen on the upper right corner of the throne.. Here there is a space that is practically flat and boring. So i went back and fill a lot of the gaps in the corners and added more sqord in areas that were flat and boring.

Also this time around i wanted to be able to fit larger phones like the Galaxy S3 and S4. Also some larger android phones. So i had to make the area where you feed the cord large enough so you can feed a Apple charging cable and a micro USB cable. Also the Gap that holds the phone in place was made considerably bigger.. which is why the throne is now 10 inches tall!!

After i made the new changes to the 3d Model i was ready for slicing my 3d model. Some programs have this option but mine doesn't so i had to use the CUT tool.. then close up the faces and make sure i had clean geometry needed for 3d prints.

Here comes the waiting game. Just to put it into perspective the tiny throne took about 5 hours to print at .2 microns.. which is the highest resolution my printer would go.

Step 2: Slice and Print

I call this the waiting game part because this throne had to be sliced into 6 parts in order to fit into the printer. Each part printed at the highest resolution takes about 5 hours to print. So this throne right here took about 30 hours to print. So it's A LOT OF WAITING around.. and pray none of your prints fail. or add another 5 hours to your job.

Step 3: Sand, Prime and Repeat

In previous instructables i showed you how to create ABS glue with acetone. I also showed you how to smooth the surfaces of your 3d prints using a dremel and acetone. But this time i'm going to use a different method

Sanding and using acetone takes a lot of time.. it also has a lot of unwanted fumes and doesn't leave a very paintable surface.. So what i tried several!! and i mean several primers.. and i found the best of them all.

This auto primer that can be bought in Autozone or Walmart (cheaper but i hate walmart)

this primer fills in the layering effect left by 3d printers.. (thats why i REALLY WANT a FORMLABS PRINTER please vote for me!!!) it fills layering effect and it dryes quickly!! also is super sand-able which is perfect for smooth surfaces like my Imperial Throne.

So now you have 2 options to finishing your 3d prints..

Step 4: Paint, Test and Hopefully Don't Have to Start Over

The Problem with prototyping and 3d printing is that sometimes the end product is not always the end product. However, this time i'm pretty happy with this prototype. It fits all the other larger phones my 1st prototype didn't. It is 10 times more detailed, it's larger and way more impressive.

This Throne should fit the iphone 6 but might not fit ipads, nor iphone 6 plus..



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    Hiya, piccie 11:22 the little throne to the left on the pedestal, is that one you've made too? Are you selling those, how much. Thanks;-)

    Where can I download this 3D model?

    Where can I download this 3D model?

    I'm almost positive you could still sell this somewhere like etsy or shapeways. Plenty of people sell derivative works from tv shows, video games, etc.

    2 replies

    i see people do it all the time.. i don't understand why HBO singled me out and crushed me like a fly.. unlucky i guess

    i'm also the maker of the 3d printed #BendGate case on i got featured in techcrunch the other day :)

    Too bad they have all the money to hire all those lawyers who just speak bull all day, but no money to invest in a creative guy with a vision.

    1 reply

    What an awesome story! Do you have any plans to make the file available here, or anywhere else? I'll definitely have to check out your other instructables now that I've seen this one. Also, if you'd like to record yourself doing some 3D modeling I've found Bandicam to be the best recording program I've used.

    3 replies

    I was thinking on releasing the file if i win this contest. i tried to use that as a motivation to get people to vote for me.. i use a mac.. would that work? i'll check it out thanks!

    Ah no :( I looked into it a little bit and it seems like they don't have a mac version. Sorry about that.

    i had a hard finding a good mac free video capture program.. all seem to work with PC only.. thanks though

    Voted! I'd love a couple of these for my desk! Shame I haven't got a 3D printer and you don't have a license to sell them!

    1 reply