The $1.33 Camera Rig

We recently moved into a new house, and I can't find anything...including my tripod. So, I had to Make something that would work and not break the bank. This is my solution.  Hope you like!

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Step 1: Things You Need

1ea 2" Spring clamp              Home Depot $.99
2ea 1/4' x 3/4" Hex Bolts        Home Depot $.11 ea
2ea 1/4" 20 thread hex nuts  Home Depot $.06ea

Step 2: The Clamp

Most cameras that mount on a tripod will take a 1/4" x 20 thread post. The 2" spring clamp has holes pre-drilled. One at the front, One at the back.

Step 3: Put It Together

Slip the bolts through the holes and hold in place with the nuts

Step 4: Attach Your Camera and Shoot!

Clamp your rig onto something sturdy and you are ready to go. I actually put this together in the parking lot at the Depot and attached it to the dash of the car for the ride home.

Hope you can use this. Ideas for Mods are always more than welcome!

Thanks for looking.

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