The $2 Delta - RC Plane and Pilot for 2 Bucks!




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This little plane is a blast. It is inexpensive, easy to build and fun to fly. It can carry a pilot, tow a 70 foot crape paper tail and fly in winds strong enough to fly kites. It can be modified with a pair of scissors and repaired in the field with packing tape. This is the only plane I ever had that has spent more time in the air than the time it took to build it. Introducing the $2 Delta.

First, I must say, the $2 refers to the cost of the two principal parts, the plane (made from a single sheet of Dollar Tree foam board) and the pilot (another item from Dollar Tree, a fashion doll). Of course, you also need a radio, servos, electric motor, battery, tools, tape, bamboo skewers, paper clips etc.

Second, although it is well mannered, the $2 Delta is not recommended for beginners. It is like a low wing aerobatic trainer, meant for intermediate pilots.

It will fly for about 10 minutes carrying the pilot or towing the tail. Without the pilot or tail, it has flown for over 20 minutes (calm evening, loitering with minimum throttle).

Step 1: Flying

The $2 Delta does not have any landing gear so it must be hand launched. I hold it by its left wing with my right hand and give it a sort of a side arm /discuss toss with the throttle at about 70%. Maybe not the best method but it doesn't seem to care. It climbs out on its own well enough for me to get my hand on the transmitter.

Make very small control inputs at first until you get the feel for it. It handles surprisingly well for a flat piece of foam. It zips along quite well on cruise power and can climb quickly, although not vertically, under full power from its 2 cell battery pack. It can stall, but it mostly mushes if you get it too slow. It is capable of aerobatics but be careful, the wing is not reinforced at all. Inverted flight, rolls and gentle loops are about it.

I find it very relaxing to fly, I hope you do to. If you have a few hours and a couple of bucks, give it a try. You can customize yours to your hearts content - change the control throws, try various shapes and sizes, paint it, anything you want. Build one with a friend or family member. Make some memories, have some fun. Even if you crash it, its only a bucks worth of foam, two if you add the pilot.



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    1 year ago

    yeah bro it's so neat and good looking.


    1 year ago

    Awesome! I've been flying drones and really want to try fixed wing - I marked this as favorite. Hope to make it happen one day.


    1 year ago

    thats more than 35$ or maybe over 50$.