The (3 Block) Rocket Stove! - Concrete Rocket Stove - (and Smoker Too!) - Super Easy DIY




Introduction: The (3 Block) Rocket Stove! - Concrete Rocket Stove - (and Smoker Too!) - Super Easy DIY

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super easy 3 block stove

Step 1: Watch the Instructional Video...

Step 2: Read Description...

The "3 Block" Rocket Stove. Simple Rocket Stove (and smoker stove) Super Easy DIY. full instructions. cost of materials $4.00. all you need is an "A" Block and Two "half" Blocks. wind and rain resistant. cooks/smokes great. super sturdy and still portable. only fuel needed is twigs, leaves and small sticks. song is from youtubes "copyright free" library. song title is "parasail"

Step 3: Gather Materials...

1.) one "A" block (an "H" block or a "C" block will work too)

2.) 2 half blocks

3.) some type of burner grate (i used a metal burner grate from a stove)

Step 4: The Build...

see pics above

Step 5: Now Just Add Fuel...

stove is fueled with twigs, leaves and small small sticks. note in the pictures above that it gets progessively smokier. it typically burns with very little smoke unless you use wet wood. i started with mostly dry wood but added wet wood along the way.

Step 6: Have Fun Building and Using It!



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    4 Discussions

    how is the fire maintained? From the pics, it looks like fuel is fed through the large part of the A block. Am I correct or is if fed another way?

    1 reply

    hi there. you feed the fuel thru the half-block and into the small curve in the "A" block.

    Nice. Love the simplicity.