The $4 Hylian Shield

This Halloween, I wanted to do a Star Wars theme. My 4-year-old shot it down; *she* just wants to be a princess. Any princess but Leia.

Princess Zelda, however, was suitably glamorous in the munchkin's eyes.

My two sisters agreed to help with Halloween if they could both be Link, AND if I would provide the costumes.

So, to fit my budget, I came up with this.

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Step 1: Selecting the Base

First step was to trawl the discount costumes for suitable props. This little $4 set from Walmart jumped out at me, as it was closest to the shape I needed. But that crappy dragon decal had to go.

Step 2: Blue Field

Acrylic here. For the sequel I'll use primer, but here I settled for a couple of haphazard coats.

Allow to dry for 3 or so hours.

Step 3: The Loftwing, the Triforce and the Garnish.

Paint on your best impression of Link's shield, put it up to dry, and call it done.

The sequel will use stencils, and I'll update this when it's done. I wasn't sure this would work at all the first time, so it didn't seem worth it.



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    5 years ago on Introduction

    DUDE! So easy! Now I can easily make the hylian shield without wood! Thanks!