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About: My name is William Osman, know as HuggyBear to my friends, or just Huggy if your feeling extra gay. Anyways, I am probably one of those people that you would find on a government watch lists, as I am extreme...

Have you ever been in that situation where looking in the fridge twice every 5 minutes doesn't reveal any new food to satisfy your hunger? Because I sure have. And in fact it's what lead me to this instructable.

Most of you should know that how food tastes, usually depends on how much work you put into it. But how much work you put into it, usually drives you away from that path. So all I can tell you is; the days of crappy, cold, and pathetic instantaneous food are over!

In an overview, this instructable will introduce you into the world of fine cuisine(haha jk), but seriously this thing actually tastes and eats like a slice of pizza.

Step 1: Ingredients

Of course all good recipes require ingredients. In this case they happen to be as follows:

-A plate
-A slice of bread
-Some tomato paste
-Some mozzarella cheese

The following ingredients were paid for as follows(estimations):

-A plate = free?
-Loaf of bread = $0.99
-Can of tomato paste = $0.99
-Block of mozzarella cheese = $5.00
-Bag of 70 pepperonis = $4.00

So your initial investment will be like 11 dollars (if you follow what I purchased), but it will make more that one loaf of bread worth of pizzas. Thats a lot of pizzas considering that 2 will usually make me happy.

Step 2: Plate

Ooooooo how much more exciting does it get than this?!?!?!?!

Go get that plate

Step 3: Bread

I think I just outdid the last step!!

Go get that slice of bread
And put it on the plate!!!!

Step 4: Tomato Paste

MMMMMMM This one is a little bit more laborious than the other two.

Go get that Tomato Paste
And spread it all over the slice of bread!!
(PS I didn't include a knife in the ingredients, because you could use your hands if you wanted to, and it would be an insult to tell people with no hands to get some, so I figured that I would be safer to let people smear tomato paste with what ever object they want)

Step 5: Cheese

Uggghhhhh... Almost too laborious....

Go get that Mozzarella cheese
So now you have several options:
Cut the cheese
Rip the cheese
Slice the cheese
Shred the cheese

I really don't care, just put cheese onto the bread to your liking.
I personally like lots of cheese, so I cut a slice, and then rip little squares to spread out on top of the tomato paste.

Step 6: Pepperoni

Yay, little if no work!!

Go get that pepperoni
Now take 4 slices of pepperoni, and place them evenly on the bread.
Now there are no specific patterns, because the four slices fit almost perfectly.
Now if you want more than 4 pepperoni, be my guest, but it is going to be much more difficult comprehend the arrangement.

Step 7: Nuke It!

This is my favorite part!!! Because Your microwave does all the work.

Go get that MICROWAVE
I mean- Go bring your uncooked pizza to the MICROWAVE

So I have a 1200 Watt microwave, and I put mine in for 35 seconds.
So depending on your microwave, do a little big of guess and check to figure out a good time.

Instead of a picture i give you a video!!

Step 8: Toast It

Since the microwave only heats up the water inside of the food, the bread becomes slightly soggy. So

Bring your soggy hot pizza to the toaster oven
Now it doesn't really require much toasting, so put it on a very low setting, just to make the bread a little crisper, and give your pizza an oven cooked finish.

Sorry, but the toaster oven was too boring to video tape!!

Step 9: Eat It!!

This step is pretty self explanatory, but for you people out there....

Go bring your pizza to your mouth

Take a bite

Pull the cheese away from the pizza till it rips


Then swallow!!


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    27 Discussions


    9 years ago on Introduction

    Now I see what it is. When I saw the image in related instructables, I thought it was a piece of bacon on an onion.


    9 years ago on Step 9

    your a dork... but funny lol
    sounds good try using tortilias rather than bread


    9 years ago on Step 8

    is that a hanging toaster oven? :P


    Reply 9 years ago on Step 9

    Yeah, but it takes longer. Microwaving is great because it heats stuff up really fast, but bread products tend to get soggy. So microwaving first, then toasting is much faster.


    9 years ago on Introduction

    ddeided to change up the way i did this... instead i used hamburger buns and a BBQ instead of the microwave...


    10 years ago on Introduction

    hom nom nom nom , hmmmmmm , hom nom nom nom nom nom , hmmm , yuuummm , hom nom nom


    10 years ago on Step 7

    =Þ rotated it inside the microwave to replicate the effect of actually microwaving it, nice


    10 years ago on Step 7

    omg, that was soo hard!! nice art of sarcasm there. microwaving your camera, not so smart, but nice video

    1 reply

    Reply 10 years ago on Step 7

    haha thanks. didn't actually microwave it btw. you can tell if you look closely that the door moves as it spins.


    10 years ago on Introduction

    If you want a spicy pizza, you could use this sauce, Jalepeno cheese, and summer sausage instead of pepperoni.


    10 years ago on Introduction

    I don't regret the days I spent staring into my fridge, thanks to 5 minute pizza, my dreams have come true. total 5/5

    1 reply