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The Furnace Can Be Made For Under $5.00!


Paint Can, Plaster of Paris, Play Sand, A Round Object To Create The Burn Chamber (I used a breadcrumb can)

How To Do An Aluminum Casting Using A Paint Can Tabletop Propane Forge By Flipping It Vertical and Using It As An Aluminum Foundry Furnace To Do Some Green Sand Casting. A Quick Start To Finish Video. Thanks For Watching!

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MSFN = Makin Sumthin From Nuthin

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    3 years ago

    I love your instructables! Guiding me into areas I've always wanted to try but unable to find cost affordable ways to do them. Thank you!

    1 reply

    You're Welcome! Check out my website link for even more information about metal casting :)


    3 years ago

    If it is propane powered, it can melt metals with higher melting points like copper or bronze or anything up to around 2500°F. It could probably get even hotter with a forced air set up, but the venturi burner I have gets to that temperature, and I found that it's plenty for my usage, so I didn't add the forced air.

    1 reply

    Agree, I rarely used forced air for anything. My burner is made to accept it but will reserve that for cast iron only.