The 6 Pack Caddy

Introduction: The 6 Pack Caddy

I have recently taken to trying to make gifts for other people in order to both save some money and make a more personalized item. This project i made for about $20 and 2 hours worth of work.

Step 1: Materials & Tools

Here are all the material I used for this small project:
1x6x6 Pine board
1/4"x6x6 Poplar board
3/4" Dowel
Danish Wood Oil

Miter Saw
3/4" Drill bit
120 sandpaper
220 sandpaper
Wood glue
Brad nailer
Table saw

Step 2: Wood Prep

I started out by sanding with 120 sandpaper and then finishing with 220. I used a normal sanding block and sanded with the grain.

I used Danish oil to stain all the wood in this project. I just dipped a paper towel into the stain and then rubbed that on the wood.

Step 3: Cut List

6"x1"x6' board
2-11 3/4"

3/4" dowel
1- 9.5"

1/4"x6"x2 board
Rip at 2 5/8"
1 cut 8"
2 cut 5.5

Step 4: Refinish As Needed

After making all my cuts I resanded the spot that needed it and added some more Danish oil.

Step 5: Assembly

For each part of the assembly I joined the wood together with wood glue and brad nails. I started assembly with the handle and bottom of the 6 pack. My next step was to add the sides.
To make the inserts I took my cut pieces and made slots in them. The slots are 1/4" wide and cut into each piece at least half way. On the 5 1/2" pieces I made the slots at the center of each of them. On the 8" piece I divided it into thirds and then added the slots. Afterwards I just slid the slots together and slid it into the 6-pack.

Step 6: Add Some Beer

Now it's time to go get a six pack (or maybe your second six pack)

Original design from wood is the word

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    4 years ago

    Great 'ible.

    Probably making one of these to use while on vacation.

    And good job stocking it with Heavy Seas.


    5 years ago

    Very clear and easy to follow. I am already looking forward to making my second set.

    14, 8:44.jpg