The $8 Dog Brush Vacuum Attachment!!!



Introduction: The $8 Dog Brush Vacuum Attachment!!!

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Does your dogs hair fly when you brush 'em?
Do you wanna spend $30 dollars to keep that from happening? No? Good, I'll show you how to do it for $8!!!!!!

Step 1: What Do You Need???

A 1 1/2" vacuum attachment ($8)
Your pet brush (I assume you already have so I didn't include it in the cost)

Zip ties

Carpenter knife

Step 2: Preparing the Attachment

Basically you'll want to make the attachment pretty close to the same size as your brush.

This may vary depending on want kind of brush you have. I'm using a furninator.

Mark the length you need and cut it to size.

Sand the sharp edge after you've cut it.

Step 3: Making It Fit

You'll wanna make the round part of the attachment match the contours of your brush handle.

I did this by heating the round part with a lighter and formed it with a piece of scrap PVC pipe.

Be careful not to burn yourself.

Cut the any access plastic off of the attachment.

Step 4: Zip Tie It!!!!

I used zip ties to secure the brush to the attachment. It worked well but if you have Velcro straps they'd work too.

Step 5: And.......your Done!!!

That's it!!! Your done. Hook it up to your vacuum and sweep your dog then pat yourself on the back for not making a mess and saving some dough!!!!

If you like this idea let me know and vote for me!!!!

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