The A.L.P.Pummer




Introduction: The A.L.P.Pummer

Actually this is a bit of a misnomer since this project consist of two separate circuits:
the(BEAM) Pummer one(Wilf Rigters improved one) and the audible light probe one.But since the
A.L.P circuit reacts to the light emitted by the Pummer circuit I still think I can get
away with it.
When I started thinking about this project I wanted it to be two robots:one "attacking" the other.
The Pummer circuit would be build into a larger,somewhat monstertype, robot and the A.L.P into a
When The BEAM Bot forums held a competition I decided to build this project for that.

The start of building a robot can be sometimes slow,you have to find the right parts for the head,body etc.
Once you have found these the rest usually follows quickly.For the larger robot I already had
the part for the body picked out.It was large enough to house the circuit with the batteryholder.When you salvage your electronic
components like I do,you often have older,larger,ones.So you need more room for your circuit.
The head of the monster was made out of two parts:some kind of housing from a vintage radio
and a bended piece of metal.
Then I added two LEDs for eyes(these can be lighted up),used a large IC upside down for
teeth and some kind of plastic for a tongue.

The head was then screwed onto the body.Both arms are made out of two pieces of aluminium tube,cut at an angle.
I had to resort to fixing the parts together with wire and superglue because I was lacking epoxy(and the kind they sell
here is very expensive).

The "raygun" I made out of brass parts I had laying around.In the end it became pretty heavy so I had to made the legs heavy
too to counteract this.At the end of barrel of the "raygun" is the LED.
Inside of the body is the circuit,there was plenty of room everything including the battery holder.
The solar-cell is mounted on the lower backside of the body.

The legs are made out of two pieces of steel pipe,these are mounted in a piece of wood which fits into
the body of the robot.
For the feet I used two hard disk magnets with their mounting hardware still attached.

The body for the other robot was easily found:it is a plastic microphone housing,ideal for
putting a loudspeaker in.
The rest of the robot came together quickly,at the top of the housing there already was a
hole to put the neck and head on.
For the arms and legs I used pieces of antennae.The arm pieces were annealed first and then carefully bended.
The legs were drilled through and then screwed onto the housing.I've made it so that the robot is
in a half laying position.
One arm holds a shield,in the center sits the photo resistor.The other arm holds a raygun.
The rest of the A.L.P circuit is inside the body,with the battery outside of it.Also included
is a switch because I think the noise of the A.L.P circuit might get a little bit annoying after awhile....

The next thing I made was a base which consists of three pieces of wood cladded in iron and aluminium
The monster robot I mounted on the highest point,two screws fixed it securely.The other robot
rests with its back against an u-shaped metal piece I had.The battery holder is concealed inside this,because
it didn't fit inside the robot itself.Some twisted bits of metal close up the openings. 

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    8 years ago on Introduction

    Wow! Very random, but very cool! You have a fantastic artistic ability to visualize but a practical ability to implement. Truely talented. I wish it would also animate like I can see them going at it in my head. Video of it in cool dramatic theatric style stage lighting with the eyes lit would be fun to see. ;) You'll definitely place really well in my opinion.


    8 years ago on Introduction

    I love the storyline for this A.L.P Pummer project. Your description was super-detailed, and it's nice to hear about the process behind a project. Cool robot sculpture.