The AMAZING Paperclip Helicopter





Introduction: The AMAZING Paperclip Helicopter

While bored at work, I came up with this idea while trying to shoot paperclips into my ceiling....Then I fell upon this. It only takes about 2 minutes and practically no money....unless you need to buy the "everyday materials." This is my first instructable, so please, let me know what you think.

Step 1: Materials

There are 3 basic materials that you will need to effectively make the amazing paperclip helicopter thingie.

1) Paperclip....DUH
I used a #1 size.

2) A Rubberband. Just the normal size will do.

3) Some medium weight tape. Masking tape is GRRRREAT!


Step 2: Paperclip Manipulation

I am not responsible for your stupidity. I am not responsible for any harm which may occur in the next few steps or after successful completion and testing of this instructable. Do NOT shoot the Helicopter at people, animals, or those inbetween.

Well, that's outta the way.

For step one, all you need to do is take the LARGE loop of the paperclip and straiten it out....It doesn't need to be too incredibly strait.

Step 3: More Manipulation

After you have completed the first step, you can then lay the paperclip flat. Now, bend the SMALL loop of the paperclip up so that the bend is at a 90 degree angle with the end of the clip facing down.

Step 4: Final Manipulation

Continue to bend the clip all the way to a 180 bend.
Your paperclip should now look like a shepards staff.

Step 5: Apply the "flag"

Now take about 2 inches or so of tape and center the clip on it. make sure the "hook" is facing down while you do this. If the tape is applied incorrectly, the copter will not go anywhere.
Go ahead and wrap the tape together around the stem of the paperclip. It should look like the picture.


Now you are finished. Take the rubberband in hand with your thumb and index finger inside the band. "see image"

Take your Paperclip helicopter and hook it to the rubberband as seen in the photo.

pull it down and let er' rip!

What you should witness is the copter going about 15-20 feet in the air, then coming down in a quick "helicopter blade" like motion.

When it lands, pick it up and do it again.

3 flies up is fun with buddies.



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    I tried it and it didn't work!?

    When I shot mine, it swirled around while in filght, both going up and down. I modded it to become a plane. It was epic.

    2 replies

    Nice! Project was fast and easy to do, with immediate results. Thanks!

    awesome stuff man ! thanks for uploading it here !

    with best compliments,

    yet another object fattening my wallet, i used black tape and went outside to test but proved to hard to see and find in the dark, but enough time before heard hit seems to work


    just love it !
    awesome work dude!!!!!!!
    thanks : D

    fun!! If you don't add the flag, the paper clip turns into an arrow! its awesome!

    Again, thank you all for the comments. I am kinda surprised people are having fun with something so simple.

    these things are awsome ima start puttin them in my wallet