The "ANYTHING" Mini Pot-Pies




Introduction: The "ANYTHING" Mini Pot-Pies

Looking for the perfect dish to bring to your Pot-Luck? Well no fear, I'm here to help you with something thats as easy as, well, pie! All you're going to need is:

1 Cupcake tray
1 flat cooking sheet
Non-stick Spray
2-3 packages of Pillsbury Grand Biscuits (the butter ones work best)
Anything you want to go into the pot-pie!! Literally, anything!!! Even soup, or tex-mex, whatever floats your boat!! 

The whole shibang will take you around 20 minutes overall, depending if you still have some leftovers left over! If not, then you can always get store-bought ingredients or  even substitute these for things you might already have in your fridge! 

Step 1:

Ready to get started? Perfect!

First pre-heat your oven to 350 degrees, and make sure your racks are more towards the center of the oven: too high and itll only cook the top, too low and the bottoms will be as black as coal! 

Next, lay out all your ingredients in a line, this'll make it easier in a later step
Put some of each ingredient onto a microwave safe plate (i used paper) and heat them up in the microwave until warm, then put them back in their line

Step 2:

Take your cupcake pan and give it a good coating of the Non-stick spray, not just in the cupcake whole, but all over the top as well

Step 3:

Here's comes the fun part now!! And you can even involve the family as well!

Take your cooking sheet and spray that sucker up too: then take your biscuits and seperate them, and pound them flat! My little brothers love helping me with this part!
Once flat, pull the edges out a little more, like your making a pizza, and then place them in the cupcake pan. 

Push the biscuit until it is flush with the edges of the cup, and some of the edge pokes up

Step 4:

Here's the part that you've all been waiting for! Food time!

I'll show you what I did, but the order doesn't really matter, its all about what you and your friends/ family like! 

(we had mack n cheese available, but you can put anything inside!!)

For a thanksgiving leftover pot pie, try this!!!

In the biscuit cups, my order looked something like this:
a layer of mashed potatoes
a layer of gravy (don't be shy with gravy!)
a layer of turkey (or ham)
More gravy!
a layer of stuffing
More gravy!
and finally, a layer of turkey (or ham) again
then top it off with even more Gravy! 

The gravy will make it more like a pot-pie

Step 5:

Finally, take another flattened biscuit, and place it on top of our gravy drenched thanksgiving cups of deliciousness
Crimp the edges with a fork, and then make small cuts along the top, write your initials or whatever you want, heck, thrown in a heart or a snowman, whatever you want!

Pop that baby in the oven for 5 minute increments, and after every five minutes check to see if the top is golden brown or not

When it is, take them out, and let them cool
Once cool (because of the non-stick spray) they should pop off with one single twist! 

Step 6:

And ta-da!! There you have it! A delicious  pot-pie right for any Pot-luck! 

Dont forget that all these ingredients are interchangeable, so enjoy!!!! 

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    6 years ago

    I hope your wife does love them!! And for a buttery crust you can use the butter biscuits, but it all comes down to how you decide to make em' :) thank you for the sweet comment!!


    6 years ago on Introduction

    Great idea. My wife does not like regular pie crust, but she does like those biscuits. She enjoys normal pot pies in spite of the crust, but I think that she will really like these with the biscuit crust.