The Above-Average Paper Airplane

The above average paper airplane

Step 1: Gather Materials

Grab a piece of paper and a ruler or straight edge to guide folds if you want one

Step 2: Fold Longwise

Fold the paper hot dog style :)

Step 3: Bring the First Corner Down

Step 4: Bring the Second Corner Down

Step 5: Fold the First Smaller Edge

Step 6: Fold the Second Smaller Edge Over the First

Step 7: Rotate 180 Degrees

Step 8: Fold Front Up

Leave approximately 1/4in or so space from the edge

Step 9: Fold in the First Corner

Step 10: ...and the Second Corner

Make these symmetrical as possible but it won't ever be perfect so don't worry too much

Step 11: Fold the Piece From Step 8 Forward

Step 12: Fold in Half

This will be the opposite direction from your very first fold so it takes a little work to get just right

Step 13: Fold the First Wing Down

Fold it to be flush with the base

Step 14: Fold the Second Wing Down

Step 15: Viola!



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