The Absolute Best Way to Play Paper Football

Introduction: The Absolute Best Way to Play Paper Football

Here is the best way to play paper football and short instructions on how to make a paper football.  I made this way up when I was trying to make 50 paper footballs.   My dad (Yes, I am 12) came and asked what I was doing.  He then said to play with him, added rules, and eventually got to the point where we had almost a real football game, except with paper footballs.

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Step 1: Materials

Here are the items you will need:
1. Sheets of LINED paper or printer paper cut to 8" x 10 1/2"
2. Scissors
3. Hands

Step 2: The Making of the Football

Ok, I am going to put all the steps of making the football on step,  the rules will take up alot.
1. Get Materials
2. Cut paper in half
3. Fold the half sheet in half
4. Fold down the top right corner
5. Fold the part you just folded down
6. Repeat 4&5 untill you have about 2 in. left of paper
7. Rip the remaining 2in. of paper in half so you have about one in. on the bottom
8. Fold the bottom left corner up
9. Tuck in the flap at the bottom into the slot just beside it.
10. Finished

Step 3: Make More!

You have come a long way but you know nothing on what this instructable in realy about.  But before you know you have to have players. A ful set of 11 players per player.  Each player has to has to eleven guys or it will not work.  If you like my Giants football team in the picture see my other instructable how to customize your paper footballs

Step 4: Setting Up

To start playing we have to have a field.  Good dimensions should be about 3ft. wide by 15ft.  For every ten pretend yards should be about 1 1/2ft. Look at the picture for help.  You can improvise yoursleves.

Step 5: The Start of the Game

This is where the game gets started.  Flip a coin to see who kicks off, and who will recieve.  The kicker sets all of his players to the side ecxept for one.  That one will be used to kick with.  The reicever will set his players up where ever they want on the feild except out of bounds.  The kicker kicks at the 30 yd. line.  Where ever the kick lands is where the reciever gets the ball.  If kick hits one of the other teams players then they start there, plus 10 yds.

Step 6: The Plays

NOTE: The term "quarterback (QB)" and "football" are used interchangably.  Your "quarterback" is the actual paper football that you will flip/flick/kick/push/shove/etc. on each down.

The plays are almost the same whether you are kicking or receiving. 

FIRST:  SETUP THE OFFENCE AND DEFENCE (Only on 1st and 3rd downs)
1. Offence sets up his QB at the line of scrimmage, and sets up his other 10 players as receivers down field wherever he wants.
2. Defense sets up 2 players on the line of scrimmage, and sets his other 9 players in the field near the offence's receivers (or wherever he wants)
3. Offence can then move 2 of his receivers to anywhere on the field (i.e. 2 guys in motion)

1. Kick/Flip/Flick/Push/Shove the QB either to the side or forward.  It can go in the air or stay on the ground. 
2. If it hits a defensive player, or goes out of bounds, there is no gain on the play and the down is over.
3. If it hits an offensive receiver, move the line of scrimmage 10 yards forward from the receiver and start a new set of downs.
4. If it lands on the field without touching any other players, move the line of scrimmage to where the football landed.  (if it made it 10 yards past the original line of scrimmage, you get a new set of downs.)

- You only setup your players on 1st and 3rd downs.  Leave them in place for 2nd and 4th downs.
- You can move the QB straight backwards behind the line of scrimmage as far back as you want, or you can leave him right on the line of scrimmage. 
- If you want to do a "screen pass" or an "end run" you can flip the ball sideways on your first down (so he's out of the way of the 2 defensive linemen), and then flip it forward on your next down (before the defensive gets a chance to reset)

Step 7: Scoring a Touchdown

Like in real football each touchdown is worth 6 points.  Making a touchdown is hard but easy to understand how.  All you have to do in pass to a guy in the end zone or make the QB (i.e. the football) touch any part of the end zone, it still counts if only a millimeter is on the end zone.  If it's not touching it doesn't score any points.

Step 8: (PAT) Point After Touchdown

After a touchdown you can always go for the extra point.  To do this first score a touchdown, go to the 20 yrd. line and kick from the ground, kneeling, or standing.  You have one try.

Step 9: Field Goals

On 4th down, if you don't want to try for a 1st down or a touchdown, you can attempt to kick a field goal for 3 points.  Here's how:
1. Move the ball 10 yards behind the line of scrimmage
2. You can kick from the ground or from your hand kneeling or standing.
3. You get an attempt for every 10 yards you are from the end zone.  Example: if you are trying to make a 40-yard field goal, you get 4 attempts to make it.  You stop trying after one of the kicks is good.

Step 10: Punting

If it's 4th down and you don't think you can get a touchdown or a 1st down, and you are too far away to kick a field goal, you can punt.  Here's how:  Stand 10 yard behind the line of scrimmage and kick the ball.   Where it lands is where your opponent now gets the ball and a 1st down.  (If the ball hits an opponent on the punt, they get to move it forward 10 yards.)  The way I play is every quarter is one possesion from each team, then the next quater, but you can improvize to make the game longer.

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    10 years ago on Introduction

    A little conductive criticism is the pictures can get a little dark here and there but you can still get the point. I've have never actually played paper football this way but now I will. So great ible overall.