The Accidental Coke Slushy And/or Explosion

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 One day I was just going around my fridge when I found this coke bottle lying in the freezer. I took it out, it was completely frozen, and I got and idea for some coke slushy. I did something to it. I opened it. Then, it exploded on my face. So, here I am with this instructable. 

Notice: There could be some details left out, but if you do it right you should be fine. Please inform me if something goes wrong.

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Step 1: Get What You Need

Here's what you need:
-Coke still packaged in a bottle
-Spare time since it takes a while

Make sure the coke you're going to get is in a bottle and not a can. I'll explain this later on.

Step 2: Put the Coke in the Freezer and Let Freeze

 Now here's what's important about having the coke in a bottle. As I was surfing the internet looking for the appropriate images I came across a certain image that fit the warning label. You must partially empty the bottle in order to not get a mess in your freezer. Why not partially empty a can? Well, you'l lose the fizz that makes coke a good drink due to the whole on the top when you pop it open. You could put the contents in a larger container, but it's easier to just get a bottle. Why would it mess up? Water expands as it freezes, and coke uses a lot of water. Since it's almost impossible to compress, the water will exert force on the walls of the container and destroy it. If it's partially empty the coke will have more room to move around.  

 In short get a bottle, and partially empty it. Then, shove it into the freezer. Make sure it's completely frozen when you take it out, or you'll fail.

Step 3: Processing the Coke Into a Slushy

 Take the bottle out, and quickly shake it to break down the solid parts of the coke to a slurry and to release carbon dioxide. Be careful about shaking the bottle for too long. You might lose the fizz for the slushy, as I have observed on mine. Also, worry about releasing too much CO2 and pre-exploding the bottle.  

Step 4: Cautiously Opening the Bottle and Boobytrapping

 This is where common sense kicks in. You need a strong grip if you only want the explosion, and no rogue cap flying around hitting some random person on the head. If you don't have a strong grip, simply point bottle away from fragile things and people and open. You may hear a really loud pop as a result. Several times I lost the cap of some soft drinks because of the unexpected, at the time, explosion. 

Just in case, wear safety goggles, and protect all valuables from a possible rogue cap. 

 You could also make someone afraid of soda bottles by setting that person up with a booby trap. First, get a coke bottle, and shake it vigorously. Place it in the fridge as if it was already sitting there since forever. When he/she comes by offer that person a drink. Pull out the coke bottle and give it, but excuse yourself because you have to get something and point out where the cups are. Tell him/her to keep their face away from the bottle as it has a tendency to "erupt" in a soda fountain. This will ensure that their face will remain intact during ambush time. Run away, normally, and wait for the scream that comes after the shock wave! Actually, there are two ways it can happen. One, you get a regular soda fountain. Two, you get the explosion. What you want is the explosion. I have also found that smaller bottle tend to explode more often when you shake them for a really long time, and there is only a few inches of air inside. Experiment on the ratios and ambush your prey!

Comment if you have any questions whatsoever.  

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    10 Discussions

    Maybe? I never used a glass coke bottle on this one because people might go crazy and accidentally throw the glass bottle around! If the person's predictable then you could predict the outcome. If not then I advise against it. Try something of a domino effect kind of thing. Like this guy opens this bottle it fires off triggering other bottles around it causing those to fire off!
    Bottom line (literally): It has to be planned carefully in order to achieve maximum "ahh's" with minimal injury, but I advise against it due to the fact the bottle is made of glass. 


    Reply 9 years ago on Introduction

    well, the glass ones are dangerous but if it does explode, there will be more "aaaaaaah"s than the plastic one.
    Do that one behind a blast shield

     lol, it won't be "aaaaaaaaah's" anymore. it would be... well... like this:

    " *BLEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEP* " to the infinity power.


    9 years ago on Introduction

    here comes the robot again! BTW, nice one, ***ace! The Coke looks liquid while in the freezer. but when you open it, it's a diff. story. The pressure inside makes the freezing point of the coke bottle lower. What we do is shake them till the bottle is firm, throw them in the freezer overnight, the next day u get a slushie!

    4 replies

     if you people don't understand I'll simplify for you: shake (plastic) bottle until it's hard. throw into freezer and leave overnight. the next day you've got a soda slushy! 

    change your title, or add info that it is not a float! A float is coke with vanilla or plain ice cream on top with chocolate syrup, this is more of a slushy...