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Meet Skeeter, our incredible adventure cat. She loves hiking, riding on your shoulder, kayaking, campfires and all things camping.

Step 1:

Collect your "average" house cat...

Step 2:

Add a cat harness (with reflectors- just in case).

We purchased a fantastic harness that really supports our cat and is very difficult for her to back out of. It is Velcro and allows room for her to grow.

Step 3: Explore!

Go camping...

All across the country and back.

Now you have a true Adventure Cat!

In truth, she was raised from kittenhood by my husband, who trained her to be an indoor/outdoor cat with a tie out. It really is that simple. She has seen almost all of the southern states, many of the mid-west, and many on the east coast. She's one happy camper, for sure!



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    9 months ago

    This is great! Be proud of your adventurous feline :)

    1 reply