The Air Water Rocket Launcher!!!!!!



I'm a 13 year old mexican american who likes robotics , cooking, origami, video games and a bunch...

this simple and cheep rocket launcher uses NO EXXPLOSIVES, only water and air pressure and is made with PVC pipe.
if you want to build it click,,20263020,00.html for a video
if you want instructions, click,,20258045,00.html  
have fun!

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    8 years ago on Introduction

    the triger relese system looks a bit difficult, bit i'm working on a simpler, more portable version.
    i'll let you guys know whn I finish it!


    8 years ago on Introduction

    Looks deadly! No, just kiding about the deadly, but it really does look cool. Sadly I have never really gotten into water rockets. Never got how they worked.

    3 replies

    basicly, you fill it up with air, this one is about 70 PSI. when you pull the trigger,the air comes out from a very small space. to keep it simple, all that air(70 PSI is quite a bit of air for such a small space) wants OUT! and it pushes the bottle upwards. LOL i'm a big nerd, so if this doesnt help very much, i encoage you to watch the video.
    hope this helps!


    oh, i get it. it uses air, not water. why then does it say, air water rocket launcher? is it for water bottle rockets?


    well, this one uses 2 liter soda bottle. I guess i should rename it, "The Soda Bottle Rocket Launcher!!!!!!". I guess i named it that because you fill the bottle with 1/3 water.......