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Introduction: The Airship Captains Desk Lamp

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2 Days 4 hours 25 minutes 

i wanted to do something steampunkish but i couldn't come up with enough gears to pull it off A friend of mine recently turned me on to a heavy stock of lamp parts and all sorts of goodies to build with so this may be the first of many such Adventures .

For this adneture i used 

Several lengths of 3/4" and 1/2" copper pipe 
Lamp Parts 
2 Glass shades with brass cups 
2 no switch lamp sockets 
2  Single Pole light switches {for lack of any good looking toggle switches}
2 Candle sockets
12 feet of lamp wire
1 mini 110 volt lamp {for the temperature turret} 
1 12" bent lamp pipe 
1 lamp hickey
1 lamp topper
2 lamp pipe clamps {brass}
4 large wire nuts 
13 brass lamp tubing nuts
1 Battery powered clock "Because all my electric ones were to big to fit "
1 set of weather dials including temperature , Barometer and Humidity scale {Got several sets i get them cheap at yards sales }

I used cedar for the box wood good smelling red cedar is always a plus and i build with it a lot 
Most of the Joints are glued but i used a brad nailer on some parts for extra strength 3/8" thick cedar is not very strong unless well glued and sometimes even nailed.

All Angles cut are cut at 30* Angles including the weather head temperature turret 

Step 1: The Airship Captains Desk Lamp

Layout your wood measure and cut to your spec as i didn't lay this out on paper first i don't have all the lengths for short sides but the long sides are 16" and 9" respectively 

Step 2: The Airship Captains Desk Lamp

The Switch plate toggle 

Step 3: The Airship Captains Desk Lamp

My camera went on the fritz again so i missed the whole soldering and feeding the wires through the piping basically i just fed the wire through the top pipe and went trough the center pipe with a thin piece of spring wire with a hook on the end .

Step 4: The Airship Captains Desk Lamp

The Weather head turret 

Step 5: The Airship Captains Desk Lamp

Step 6: The Airship Captains Desk Lamp

Sorry i missed so many steps my camera is wore out it eats batteries and what can i say if you look at the finished pics you can pretty much guess how most of it would work it's just a lamp not a space station so have lots of fun i'll have better instructions on my next one hopefully i'll have a new camera too .

Just have fun with it any questions i'll be happy to answer if you have any 

hanks for looking and Ible on !

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    Absolutely fantastic! I would be proud to have this sitting on my desk!


    7 years ago on Introduction

    Seen this in person, my dad is an awesome fabricator. Pictures look neat but lit up in all it's glory it's amazing. Great job dad.