The Almost No Dig Garden Trench




Introduction: The Almost No Dig Garden Trench

I am starting my new spring project of a Backyard Chicken Co-Op in my garden in Las Vegas, and needed to run water to the area where the coop would be built, and had to trench out a large area to run the PVC water piping.

I recently hurt my hand shoveling dirt, and was looking for a way to dig a 3" trench, without strain, and came upon the idea of using a Shop Vac, now wait before you laugh, A shop vac can handle about 8 gallons of dirt, even if its wet dirt It has great suction, so it would suck up dirt, small rocks, etc -- and then you could use the same dirt you vacuumed to fill up the trench...  Have a bigger job, dump the dirt into a larger pail, and keep working.

The way I did this job, was racked away the larger rocks from the area, I wanted to trench.
Then vacuumed up the dirt / rock / sand
Ran piping and some low voltage wiring
Used a small shovel to refill up the trench with the dirt I vacuumed
re-raked the rocks back over the filled holes.



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    3 years ago

    Too funny that I found this today after doing the same thing to repair a sprinkler system. Neighbors were staring at me for vacuuming my yard. :) Such a good way to dig!

    ... found this just after hurting my arm digging a 3" trench for my irrigation system... why couldnt I have found it before :@ lol. Nice ible

    Lol. That would not work in the southeastern US! The soil is clay, and must be broken apart mechanically.

    You are one lazy sombitch. lazy is the mother of invention though.

    2 replies

    It's True!! I have 23 instructables to help me be more lazy!