How to Fly Through Making the Amazing Cardboard Costume of a Rockhopper Penguin

Introduction: How to Fly Through Making the Amazing Cardboard Costume of a Rockhopper Penguin

Our project was to create and construct a cardboard costume suited for a middle school child. Our team had to construct a line of similar costumes for the project. The project started out simple but then became more and more advanced as the tasks to create it became harder. Me design brief was to individually create a penguin halloween costume for a middle school child.

-were that it must comfortably fit a middle school child.
-slotted construction

-household sized cardboard.
-no adhesives
-cardboard only 

                                                                            Supply List
Item                        Material Description            QTY           Size                      Part
S1                             2 PLy Cardboard                  1      Refrigerator Box       Penguin

Item                           Tool                                      QTY  
T1                             Utility Knife                             1
T2                              Ruler                                      1
T3                                Mat                                        1
T4                              Pencil                                     1                              

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Step 1: Part 1: Penguin Head and "Hair"

1. Trace all measurements.
2. Measure with a ruler 27"
3. On either side measure down 9", in 9" and then down 9" again. Cut six three inch slots in the center square each other square extends from.
4. Measure 3" in, 3" down and connect with a 3" line, somewhere within this 3"x3" tab cut a small 1" x 2" slot too a normal length.
5. Then cut a small 1" x 2" piece of square cardboard that would fit the slot.
6. Then starting from a point at a 90 degree angle measure 3" up, 2" inward, 2" up and 2" out.
7. From the two points make a bell curve from both points that connect about 1'6" from the outer starting point.
8. Repeat Steps 6 and 7, six times to make all the hair pieces
9. Once all measurements are traced use a utility knife to cut all lines, on a mat.

Step 2: Part 2: Penguin Back

- Note - Not all cutting is done on top of cutting mats 
 - All measurements are traced.
1. Using the ruler, measure 18" cross on the top of the 2 ply Cardboard.
2. Then, on either side measure down 9", out 9", down 6", in 3" and down 9".
3. Finally measure with a ruler 2' across meeting the two end points together.
4. Then 3" from the top make a 3" slot to fit the head tab.
5. Once all lines are traced cut with a utility knife along the outline provided by the line your traced.

Step 3: Part 3: Candy Bag Holder

1. All measurements are traced
2. First make a 2" square
3. Then separately make a 3" line, from both points go 6" right, from those two points measure 3" at a 50 degree angle upward, then connect the two point with a 3" line
4.One inch over from the first 3" line make a 2" slot for the 2" square
5. Once everything is traced use a utility knife to cut all measurements on top of a mat

Step 4: Part 4: Penguin Body

1. All measurements are traced, follow the scale template
-note- Scale 3/4"=1' 0"
-note-solid lines=cut
         -darkened lines= make slot
         -dotted lines=fold

Step 5: Assembly Steps

                                                          Part List
Item           QTY         Part Name
P1               1            Penguin Head and Hair
P2               1            Penguin Back
P3               1            Candy Bag Holder
P4               1            Penguin For-Body

P1. Fold on folds seen in picture and slot all hair into the six slots on top of the head and slot the tab into the slot on the back of he penguin back and slot the small 2"x1" piece in the tab to prevent un-slotting.
P2. On the penguin back fold along lines H and I and slot the tabs into the body holes of the penguin for-body.
P3. On the penguin for-body fold along dotted lines and slot the two head panels in the shoulder slits.
P4. Slot the candy bag holder into the right arm slot of the penguin for body and seal with a 2" square.

Step 6: Finished

You finished The Amazing Cardboard Costume of the Rockhopper Penguin, Congratulations!

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