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Hi everyone, this is my first Instructable so please be kind.
This is a side table I've just made, as the title suggests it is Spider-man themed. No nails or screws are required for this build, just a good amount of glue!

Here is a list of stuff you'll need to make this table if you so desire :)

12mm MDF board (1220x660mm)
Gorilla glue or similar
Desired colour paint
Water-based varnish
A comic book
Wood filler

Tools required
Retro jigsaw
Scroll saw
Router and table

Step 1: Marking Out the Leg Shape..

I had a basic shape in mind, and also some sketches to copy.
I wanted the height of the legs to be 450mm, so first I marked out a box of that size.
I kind of guessed at the width, but I knew I wanted it to look quite tall and slim.
I used a piece of pvc as a curve and marked out the shape.

Step 2: Cutting the Spiders Legs..

I did initially intend to make this table with four legs, but I later changed my mind to use three. I felt it would look a little more elegant.
I cut the first leg with the retro jigsaw pictured, I then sanded it so it was smooth.
I drew around the leg and cut out the shapes leaving a few millimeters border. I did this so I could trim off the excess using the router.
I wanted all of the legs to be exactly the same. I used double sided tape to stick the original leg to the ones in need of trimming
Once all of the legs were cut and trimmed I sanded all of the edges.

Step 3: The Leg Support Block..

The next step is to make the block that joins all of the legs together.
I used 3 layers of the 12mm MDF, but this could be done with one thick piece.
I designed the shape on Sketchup with a bit of trial and error regarding size. 
I then printed it out and stuck it to the board with double sided tape, I use this instead of glue for easy clean up.
I used the same method as the legs, cut the original to size and made the other two slightly bigger.
Once I'd cut and trimmed all of the pieces I applied gorilla glue and clamped until dry.
I then used my scroll saw to cut the three slits, it helps if the legs fit tightly. I cut the slits slightly smaller and filed away until they fit.
Then I had to mark a section of the leg that needed to be removed, this allows them to slide into the block and they all meet.
First I placed a ruler against the leg and marked a line into the middle, I repeated this on all sides. Where lines cross is the length of the section needed to be removed, I drew around the block onto the leg and cut it with the scroll saw.

Step 4: Filling, Sanding and Gluing..

I then filled any small gaps on the main block and sanded it.
Then I applied gorilla glue to the inside of the slits and slotted in the legs. Small off-cuts are handy for scraping away excess glue.
I put a small board under the legs and clamped it in place while the glue dried.

Step 5: The Table Top..

For the top I decided a triangular design would look best.
I didn't want it to hang over the legs, so I measured the distance between them and made it slightly smaller.
I used a string and a straight edge to mark out the triangle, then I drew around a gas canister to make a circle on each corner.
I joined each circle with a slight inward curve.
I used chipboard because that's what I had lying around, I cut and routed two pieces to make a chunky top.
I glued and nailed the two layers, I didn't have to use nails but I didn't want to wait for the glue to set.
I positioned the legs on the top and drew around it, I then routed a channel for the legs to sit in.
Because I used chipboard I had to fill the edge with wood filler, it just made it slightly smoother.

Step 6: Painting and Finishing..

To prepare for painting I sanded everything. Then I applied black primer/undercoat.
When the paint was dry I sanded everything again especially the edges of the legs. The MDF fluffs up when painted.
I then painted the legs with two coats of blue eggshell, an obvious choice of colour for a spider-man table.
Then comes the decopage, I tore up the comic selecting a few bold images. Then I used watered down PVA to stick the pieces down.
When the PVA was dry I applied two coats of acrylic varnish.
Then it was time to join the top to the bottom, I applied yet more gorilla glue and added some weight to the top until it set.

And there you have it, an Amazing Spider-man inspired table.
I hope you enjoyed my first Instructable, I am entering this into the comic book contest so wish me luck.. :)



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    7 years ago on Introduction

    Hi Dimmaz,

    A fellow studier here. Love this table, its fun and looks great! The leg shape reminds me of those 50's rockets and fins on cars, which is apt being a comic contest...great fun, well done you.


    7 years ago on Introduction

    There're some who might brazenly call this instructable too convoluted....but I'd disagree! You do a great job of talking about your own "creative process".......I like that.....the nuts and bolts that went into your thinking and design. Speaking of design, this table looks very simple, but it's actually a very well made piece of furniture!!

    1 reply

    7 years ago on Introduction

    Thanks for all of the comments folks, they're greatly appreciated :)


    7 years ago on Introduction

    This looks awesome! I think the legs make it completely original and different from just an "ordinary table". Best entry i've seen so far!

    Wow, this table is incredible, I can't believe you've made it from scratch! Love the shape of the legs, and the comic top looks awesome, very cool! Such an original design. Will definately vote for this, and also ask you to make me one please, ha ha :)


    7 years ago on Introduction

    It looks so professional, factory made like I wish I could make my stuff that I make look professional, very well done!!Will vote for this!!!

    2 replies

    7 years ago on Introduction

    This table in Beautiful! Excellent design and implementation, and wonderful pictures and succinct instruction to describe your process well. Seriously excellent project!