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The Amazing Spiderman Hanging Light

A Spiderman Hanging Light is a simple project to make for your kids.

It hangs on the wall for light but also adds that cool factor that kids will love.

It captures one of Spiderman's favorite hanging scenes, upside down.

If you would like to see the Video version along with a few extra tips, follow this link:


Just remember that PVC is only a form of hard plastic. It can and will break if too much weight or force is applied and injuries can occur. Use of content for personal projects is at your own risk.

Step 1: Gather the Parts and Tools

Gather the Parts and Tools

Parts List: (All PVC 1/2 inch pipe and fittings)

- (1) 4-way cross

- (1) tee connector

- (8) 90 degree elbow

- (5) 45 degree elbow

- (5) 1.25-inch long pipe

- (4) 1.5-inch long pipe

- (1) 2-inch long pipe

- (2) 3-inch long pipe

- (2) 4-inch long pipe

- (1) Candelabra Light Socket

- (1) 4watt LED Candelabra Light Bulb

- (2) Wire connectors

- Basic 15-foot White Extension cord (Length is Optional)

- White Paracord

- Painter’s Tape

- Red Spray Paint

- Blue Spray Paint

- Electrical tape

- Cable tie (optional)

Tools List:

- Wire cutters

- Crimping tool

- Wire strippers

- Hot Glue Gun

- Pliers

Step 2: Starting the Body

Starting the Body

First start with a PVC cross and connect a 2 inch long pipe.

Then add a Tee connector to the 2 inch pipe.

This created the torso.

Then starting on the arms, add a 1.5 inch long pipe to each side of the cross.

Next connect a 90 degree Elbow to each pipe.

Again add a 1.5 inch long pipe to each side.

Next connect a 45 degree elbow.

On those elbows add a 1.25 inch long pipe.

Then add one more 45 degree elbow to each pipe.

The arms are complete.

Step 3: Adding the Legs

Adding the Legs

In the Tee connector, insert a 4 inch long pipe to each side.

Then add a 90 degree elbow to each side.

Attach a 1.25 inch long pipe to each elbow.

Add an additional 90 degree elbow to each pipe.

Connect a 3 inch pipe to those elbows.

And finally add the last two 90 degree elbows to those pipes.

This completes the body.

Step 4: Preparing the Light Socket

Preparing the Light Socket

First connect the last 1.25 inch long pipe and 45 degree elbow together.

These will serve as the neck.

Now test fit the candelabra light socket into the 45 degree elbow to make sure it slides inside.

Here is a similar socket on Amazon: (affiliate link)

Now remove the socket and using pliers bend the metal support slightly inward and test fit again.

The socket should slide further into the elbow.

Now using a hot glue gun, put a small bead of glue around the outside of the socket, push it back into the elbow, and hold until it becomes firm.

Now connect the neck onto the top of the cross while feeding the wiring through the left arm.

You will have to remove part of the arm to see the end of the wires.

Step 5: Wiring the Light Socket

Wiring the Light Socket

Get the 15-foot extension cord and cut off the large receiving end.

Split the cable into two sections. Strip a small section off of each wire.

Feed the wiring through the detached arm section. (Make sure it is the correct end to attach to the body.)

Using the appropriate size wire connectors, connect the cord wires to the socket wires and crimp them in place.

Gently tug on each connection to make sure it is holding.

It is also recommend to add a small section of electrical tape around the connections for added strength and safety.

Now reconnect the arm.

Step 6: Adding the Paracord

Adding the Paracord

The paracord is the supporting structure of the lamp.

Carefully feed the paracord through the arms of Spiderman making sure NOT to damage the wiring.

Disconnecting the arms and using pliers might be necessary.

Reconnect the arms and adjust to the angle desired.

Find the perfect location and adjust the length as needed.

Make sure the weight of the lamp is resting only on the paracord because the wiring is not made to support objects.

As an option, a cable tie can be added at the hands to the wiring and paracord to keep everything together.

Step 7: Painting


It is now time to paint the lamp.

Carefully remove the leg sections and paint separately.

Try to avoid getting paint inside of the connectors or it can be hard to assemble.

For the upper half of the body, start by painting the elbows blue and wait to dry.

Then add painter’s tape and finish with red.

After the paint has dried, remove the tape.

Assemble the body together.

Step 8: Adding the Light

Adding the Light

Make sure the light is a LED low wattage bulb that does not create heat.

Attach the bulb.

We used the Kichler 4 watt LED bulb found at this Amazon link: (affiliate link)

To use, just plug the cord into a standard wall outlet.

If the bulb is too bright for its intended use, replace the bulb with a lower wattage bulb.

If needed, a cord with a switch can be substituted during the build.

Enjoy your new Spiderman light.

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    1 year ago

    Great build!


    1 year ago

    Very, very nicely done! The wife and I love it!


    1 year ago

    When I first saw your post I thought, "Ooh, big deal: he made a blue and red lamp." Then I 'saw' Spiderman hanging upside down! Brilliant.

    I would caution against using a bare bulb in a chidlren's room or situation but maybe you could use a Philips Hue lamp. Paint the plastic base red or blue and then control the color of the light.


    1 year ago

    simple but amazing result...great idea!!

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    1 year ago

    What a great idea! Instructable is also well done.

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    1 year ago

    This is adorable. I need one of these for my office. The instructions are great – I have confidence that you didn't leave anything out, so I don't have to be afraid I missed something. Ooooh, Solstice gifts!

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    1 year ago

    This is so creative and inventive. You could make them into kits and market them! :)

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    Reply 1 year ago

    Just good quality spray paint. It can scratch off, but since it is a lamp, it should last a while.


    Reply 1 year ago

    Not necessarily around kids. Maybe I should seal it also.


    1 year ago

    This is the first time I've ever voted for anything. I love it, its simple and perfect. I think it's amazing, I might even try it. Fantastic tutorial.

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    1 year ago

    Ha! This is so cool, my kids would love it. Seems like a perfect kid/parent project too. Great idea!

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    Thank you. It would make a great time bonding project. And then they could use it for years.