The AnniRouter V0.2(body Only)




Introduction: The AnniRouter V0.2(body Only)

AnniRouter v0.2 is the upgrade version of the 0.1. With all the basic parts you can get on the market you can make your own usb desktop cnc machine. And the machine can cut all the wooden parts by it self, or if you want you can change the parts into other materials.

The upgrade version is stronger than the 0.1. You can find it out the reason when you see the following pictures.

Have fun.

BTW: When are attending the 7th Maker Faire Bay Area in May 2012. We join as AnniRouter.

Step 1: Check the Parts

1. three linear step motors;
2.two linear shaft with support SBR 16;
3.four pillow block linear bearing;
4.four linear shaft SFC 12;
5.four linear bearing LMH12UU;
6.three deep grove ball bearing;
7.four aluminium extrusion tpe 1590;
8.six limit switches;
9.eighteen pieces of wooden parts.
10. two metal spindle holder.

Step 2: Install the Base

1.pick out the parts for the base;
2.use your imagination to assemble them.
3.leave it aside.

Step 3: Install the Z-block

1.grab the parts of z block;
2.use your common sense to assemble them;
3.leave it aside.

Step 4: Install the Bridge

1.take out the parts of the bridge;
2.install the bridge base;
3.install the z-block into the bridge;
4.put the bridge+z-block onto the bridge base;
5.all screw on.

Step 5: All Boards On

1.install the boards in the mide;
2.install the boards ont the side;
3.all screws on. 

Step 6: Limit Switches

1.install 6 limit switches;
2.all screws on.

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    3 Discussions

    Hello !!

    I´m from Argentina, first of all sorry about my english that is so bad...

    The reason that I decid write to you , it cause I need some plans to make a cnc router.
    Iám not good with the 3d programs and autocad, if you can SELL me the Dxf files ready to cut I will be very apreciated with you, because nobody lend me a hand and help me to do that.

    Also If you have all the directions and Exploded draw or a guide for do that, you will be the best person of the world!

    Here in Argentina we have problems to introduce something from other country, It is imposible because the goverment.

    I really like the desing of your machine AnniRouter v.2 or 0.3so much, congratulations!

    I hope that you will can hepl me.

    Kindly regards.
    Alejandro Alvarez-.


    i wanna get one of these. how much are they?

    good job btw the machine looks verry solid