The Annihiliator Low Rider Truck




This truck has a 8.9l v10 supercharged engine with 7 seepd stick transmission for a lot of hores power, you better strap your set belts and hold on for your dear life lol joking, for safty wase in real life it will come with a roll bar cage in side, the roof coped down to give it an low rider look and for also the roof is not just for looks it helps out with aerodramatics, and it also comes with ether 20" wheels or 18" wheel. This truck is the last in the line of my Annihiliator production and i am thinking of making a craftsman truck series but i am only making one. So i hoped yo guys liked it as much as i did along with my other ones. :)



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    you don't have anything posted so try not to brag that yoy have better truck or huge truck that isen't posted ok ok.


    That is one good truck you got there =D Sounds fast with a 8.9L V10 with a 7spd transmission. According to what you have, your truck would go about 190 mph once it hit top end XD

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    A real sprint series stock car can hit 250 mph without the restrictor plate on. The camping world truck series trucks can get about 210 mph with no restrictor plate on =D

    i haven't heard of the, The camping world truck series but i have heard of and watched as well is craftsman truck series, but my dad said that they changed the name of it craftsman truck series to The camping world truck series and they had crfsman for almost 15 years. lol

    cool i hoped it will help you out and also i like to build stuff to inspire people who might be new at knex say hmm what should i bulid. :)