The Around the House Junk Recording Studio!!!




Intro: The Around the House Junk Recording Studio!!!

I made mine with some free software and some old USB stuff.
Very Simple!!!!!!Note:The main picture is sort of the finished product...

Step 1: Materials

You will Need:

A computer running Windows 2000 or higher.(Not sure about Linux or Mac)

Softwares To record with. I use:

Recordpad,Debut Video Recording Software,Audacity,Tempo Perfect and
Pitch Perfect Guitar Tuning Software

A microphone. I use a Rock Band microphone.

Camera(Optional) I use the PS2 Eye Toy camera. You will have to download the drivers in the package bellow if you will be using the
Eye Toy.

If you have 1 USB port get a USB hub. I use Rock Band's.

Linux Users go to here.

If you want to hook up a guitar,bass,or microphones click Here.

Step 2: Installing....Please Wait(The Boring Step)

Now you have to install Recordpad,Debut,Pitch Perfect, and the Eye Toy Driver*.*Optional if using Eye Toy*

For the Eye Toy drivers go to this Instructable. sorry but the instructable was removed so go to the link from i play playstation. Sorry!!!

For Recordpad agree to the statement, install, uncheck the other stuff(unless you want it), configure your microphone, and tada!!!

All of the softwares from NCH are the same.Recordpad,Debut,Tempo Perfect,Pitch Perfect.

Step 3: Pluging in the Stuff.

All you have to do is plug the stuff in no sweat. It is easy.

Step 4: How Do You Like Your New Gift??

I gave my finished product to my brother who can play 4 instruments, he loved it. That is why I am entering it into the holiday gift contest so don't forget to vote!!!!!



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    25 Discussions


    7 years ago on Introduction

    redneck it for the win lol nice job man xD i never thought to use a rockband microphone for recording


    Reply 8 years ago on Introduction

     40G PC does not define much. 
    A usually good recording studio could be a 450+MHZ running Linux, or a 2.6GHZ Running XP. Or if your really professional, one of those apple computers. 40G would be enough space to hold a lot of songs, but does not determine the recording quality you'll get. 


    9 years ago on Introduction

    wtf is the program on the computer, in the picture on the intro, i need a program like that, i have been using audacity forever and it just isn't enough.

    5 replies

    Reply 9 years ago on Introduction

    I'm a recording engineer/producer. That looks like Steinberg Cubase to me. I'm about 99% sure it is.


    9 years ago on Step 2

    LOL as if anybody ever reads the statements ;)

    Ian M

    9 years ago on Introduction

    There seems to be lots of good tools on Linux. I have not used, but can direct you to Hydrogen (drum machine), and ardour ("digital audio workstation"). There's also Audacity, which you seem to have found, and a confusingly named media player for linux, Audacious.