The Art of Lego Bricks

Introduction: The Art of Lego Bricks

Lego 2×4 bricks are one of the oldest lego's in history. These 'toys' have much to offer. In this instructable I am going to go over great things to build with these bricks, such as Statues, mosaics and enlarging bricks. I hope your inspired.

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Step 1: Statues

Statues made of legos are one of my most favorite things. Very hard to build and very ruff around the edges these things are impressive to me. Especially at Disney World.

Step 2: Mosaics

Mosaics are a lot of fun to make out of legos. There are several ways to make them. The way I make them is fairly easy its kind of like a 3d printer in the way it stacks one brick on top of another. You do not need to use high tech apps or other things to visualize this. The way to do this is,
1) gather your bricks
2) divide by color (optional)
3) find the picture you want to build. It doesn't have to be brick by brick. you can sacrifice small features or you can use tiny pieces.
4) visualize in your mind. (It only took me an hour to build this)
5) start stacking
6) sit back and enjoy your piece of art.

Step 3: Building Bricks

A long time ago I did this. There is a formula for building bigger versions of a brick. If you wanted to build a 2x2 7 times bigger the perimeter of the brick it would be (2×2)×7. To get the hight you just build 7 bricks high. But for the studs it would be (0.7)×(the hight of the stud.)

To sum it up,
Perimeter = (X studs) × (Y)
Hight = (Y times taller)

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