The Assassin's Suitcase Preview

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Ever feel like being that secret agent with the cool gadgets to acheive your mission. I loved the idea since I seen it posted with the MP5K knex gun. I plan to post this as soon as possible but I hope you like it. Guess I would say more about it but ask if you have questions.



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    BEAST BRO! Can't wait to build it! I might put a barricade in mine! Great job!!! All that's left is to give it to a random stranger! ;). ¿'

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    =D Yeah! Another knex based nerf build you can try is a folding riot sheild. I made a few prototypes a while ago but that was when I'll be battling every week.


    Reply 6 years ago on Introduction

    Oh I forgot to mention in my short ible text that I was aiming at the smallest case possible. Bigger case = Bigger gun

    I did for back-up. =) I guess it could have worked just as well the other way around with the jolt as the suitcase gun but I didn't think of that right away.

    Thanks! I would have filled it in more but I'm short on the small pieces. My other alternative is paper and tape.

    "All of my Competitors"? How many do you have ;P Anyway, sounds cool. And what kind of other stuff do you have?

    I think I have the last four I made. I don't do the build destroy thing like others I guess. I also have a mini Kinno 2, Welrod, and uncomplete semiauto rifle. I have an improved prototype umbrella (saving for feature or contest) and a decorative table center (deffinitly saving for feature or contest). I still have my Porche, Easy Offroad truck, and now this suitcase. Dang, I really need to take some stuff apart. =P

    That sounds like a lot of K'nex :D Right now I have a slightly longer version of The Dunkis' gun he posted on Red's orange board, plus 2 tiny cars my sisters made, an ACOG and scope, and I'm almost out of connectors :/