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Elements... Yah...

The pictures below are not my ball machines - They belong to the Totally awesome 'Darth Trainman'!!!
( These are the only AMAZING ball machine pictures I could find )

Also, just to say, i will be adding more elements on as time slowly passes by this slowly fading world..

Step 1: Normal Pathing

This pathing is just normal :)

Step 2: Yellow Steps

This is my own creation (well i think it is... because ive never seen it before)
In this the ball rolls down the steps, making quite a bit of noise on its way from clicking loudly on the yellow rods.

Step 3: Roller Coaster Pathing

In the roller coaster pathing, you need an extra piece of tubing in the middle as if you dont the ball will hit on the little tabs, causing it to slow down.

Step 4: Royal Path

This, again, is my own creation, in this path, the ball travels down a 'Half-Tube' And this path does not have very much freedom to turn corners.

Step 5: Basket

This is just a basket which catches flying or falling balls that i made and design MYSELF.

Step 6: Long Track...

This track is not for highspeed balls, because the ball falls off the track when it hits the yellow connectors. Only use this track at angles of about '15-20 degrees'.

Step 7: Freefall

In this elements the ball just boringly drops very fast down a chute.

Step 8: This Way That Way.

In this element the ball falls down a sort of half-pipe while knocking into blue rods, causing it to go this way... or THAT!!!

You can make this as wide or short as you want.

Step 9: Corners Without Tubing.

This is basically a quite long corner that the ball can go around without using tubing. And no, i did not design this, but it is an element!!!

Step 10: Wavy Path.

This is basically just a path which is wavy...

Step 11: Tunnel Path

This is just the normal pathing, but a bit closer together and has flexi rods over the top. (tunnel)

Step 12: Hinge Ramp

This is a ramp made by using knex hinges (hinges shown in the 4th picture)

Step 13: Green/Red Path

This is just a novelty path.

Step 14: Yellow Path.

This path is a complete waste of peices as it used lots, but to be honest i think it looks pretty cool.

Step 15: Cog Path.

You cannot make this path if you do not have alot of red/yellow cogs. In this path the ball rolls down a ramp of cogs, making a large noise. (you cant turn corners with this path)

Step 16: Rotary Path.

In this path the ball rolls down a path, which has freely rotating horizontal wheels that the ball kknocks on its way down.

Step 17: Path Diverters.

This element is cool because it is all in one BIG block. This fits into yellow rod towers the best, but im sure all you great knex ball machine makers out there could fit it into any type of ball machine!!!



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      HiyadudezThe Jamalam

      Reply 9 years ago on Step 17

      Hey, dude, just to say... YOUR AWESOME!!! :) P.s. Will you subscribe to me? P.p.s. I have subscribed to you. P.p.p.s. Love you knex guns... P.p.p.p.s. YOUR AWESOME!!!

      The Jamalam

      9 years ago on Step 10

      It's better to use orange connectors with green rods on each side instead of blue rods.


      9 years ago on Introduction

      Thanks, i have subscribed to you, and by the way, did you think any of these elements were cool?? :)


      9 years ago on Introduction

      Yeh i know, but not many peopleinstrtibles know them... By the way, can you subscribe to me?? :) Ill subscribe to you :):):):)


      Pathetic. Couldn't you just take pictures of your own ball machines? And to be honest, they don't seem like much more than various doodads you can stick on a main path. That's all well and good, but it just doesn't seem like something you should make separate steps for. Also, I've seen step 2 done about a hundred times, by a hundred different people (including myself). You didn't invent that.

      2 replies

      That's a lie. "This is my own creation (well i think it is... because ive never seen it before)" If you knew that, you wouldn't have said exactly what you did.


      10 years ago on Introduction

      In the learner's perspective (that's me!)I don't really mind if the ideas are unoriginal as long as the OP is responsive to the comments and is willing to add new elements as they come up (Darth Trainman doesn't seem to be very responsive). Personally, I would prefer one long list (as I said before) of everyone's elements put together.

      2 replies
      The Jamalam

      10 years ago on Introduction

      dude! This has already been done about 6 times before. ANd you pikeyed darth trainmans pics, which are on HIS instructable for the same topic! Delete this before you get more comments like these.