The BEST Cinnamon Toast You Can Make!

Introduction: The BEST Cinnamon Toast You Can Make!

This is really simple and there's so many ways to do this, but I have discovered the absolute BEST way to make cinnamon toast. A lot of times when you make cinnamon toast, what is the problem? It just falls off the bread with every bite you take, well this recipe eliminates that for the most part, plus concentrates the delicious taste!

Step 1: Really Simple!

Okay let's get started! What you need:

1 - toaster
1 - butter knife
2 - slices of bread [white or wheat, also works on bagels or tortillas]
Some cinnamon or cinnamon sugar
Some spreadable butter


Toast your bread however you like, light, dark, or in between, it doesn't matter for the recipe. Once your toast pops up put it on a plate, and spread a decent amount of butter on it. Next put your cinnamon sugar on top [also what's really good with this recipe is putting some plain sugar on it and a few drops of vanilla extract, it makes it tastes like a cookie]    -   but here is where you do things differently. After sprinkling on your cinnamon sugar take the knife and spread the cinnamon sugar into the bread softly. It'll absorb into the warm butter and get a slightly different taste that feels more integrated into the butter and bread itself.   Hope you enjoy this!

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    I Am That Guy

    Gave me a good idea to satisfy this morning's cinnamon craving.... Good job!