The Backrest Phone to Watch Video

Introduction: The Backrest Phone to Watch Video

This is an idea that was inspired from myself when I was having a hard time watching videos by having to hold the phone with my hands. Let's start!!


Ice cream stick

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Step 1: How to Make

Glue the ice cream sticks two layer and then combine all of them.

Step 2: The Process

For the one side and another side, glue the sticks on the bottom end of the stick. And also glue the ice cream sticks on the top.

Step 3: The Point

And after that, glue the ice cream sticks in the back of your phone and then, glue one by one again in the back of it. So, it can hold the weight of your phone.

Step 4: Almost

When everything is finished, glue a small piece of the ice cream sticks in front of your phone so it can't be falling down.

Step 5: The Result

After everything is finished, wait until the glue is dry. And when everything dries, put your phone down and enjoy watching videos without holding your own phone.

Thank you.

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