The Bacon Battery!

Introduction: The Bacon Battery!

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It all started after we noticed the Bacon Instructables Contest ...

We absolutely loved the idea and wanted to make something completely different.
So brainstorming started, and after many ideas, we just tought: Everyone knows that Bacon fat can burn, and Bacon lamps can be made..

But in 2011 we want something more technological: we want to have a Bacon Lamp that uses Led for lighting !

This leads to a question: can Bacon produce electricity? Yes, it can!
Just as all these Lemon Batteries you have seen before, we can use Bacon fat as an Electrolyte, and thus make the Bacon Battery , or if you like the Bacon Fat Cell !

Step 1: Materials

Here is what you need:

-copper wire
-zinc-plated wire
-of course, Bacon!

We will also use a Led to test our battery...

Step 2: Testing the Bacon Battery

So let's test the Bacon battery to see if it can work!
The Bacon Cell is very simple, just a roll of Bacon, with one copper wire and a zinc plated wire as electrodes.

As you can see, it works!

Each cell provides about 0,6 Volts, and while this battery sure isn't the greener, for sure it is the fatter!

Step 3: Assembling, Part 1

Cut about 5 cm of copper wire and 5 cm of Zinc wire, and twist them together at one end.

Step 4: Assembling, Part 2

Make 5 pair of electrodes, as the one we just made before.

Step 5: Rolling

Roll 6 strips about 1x5 cm of Bacon (the fatter, the better) .

Step 6: The Bacon Battery, Assembled

Insert in each Bacon roll one copper eletrode, and one zinc electrode.
Connect them as in the image below and you should see the led starting to light up!

Step 7: The Bacon Led Lamp Is Shining!

Here is the Bacon battery in the dark, with a little longer exposure.
You can see the led is shining, our Bacon battery works!

It will last a few hours, the bacon fat drying is the main cause of voltage dropping.

Hope you had fun reading this instructable, and if you liked it, don't forget to vote it for the Bacon Contest after the 8 May!

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