The Barack O Lantern- Pumpkin Powered Political Statement (With LEDs)



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I just finished my pumpkin this year and thought you might like to take a look at it.

I carved a pumpkin w/ obama face on it and "Obama" on it. Then i popped some LEDs in it.
2 6volt lantern batteries
2 10mm Blue LEDs
Toggle Switch

Very Simple electronics. If want any help don't hesitate to ask. All suggestions, and comments are welcome. If you liked this instructable slideshow please rate and/or vote on it!
I found a copy of the stencil I used online and uploaded it here. I'm not taking credit for the stencil so don't thank me for it.

Note: You might be wondering why one would want to do this. I'll tell you why. I can't vote (I'm only 15) so I need to show support in any and every way possible that I can. I really need this amazing man to become president so I'm trying to campaign for him.

Also, I want to show you a really nice ad. Just watch this video. I know I a political spamming now.

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    Wow, who knew there was a whole site dedicated to Barack Obama pumpkins. I think I might enter mine into there site to try to win an iPod Nano. Thanks for the link and nice comments ~Joe