The "Barb" Vibrobot




Introducing The "Barb" vibrobot. It is called the Barb because it resembles the barbs on barb wire. The materials used were:

1x cell phone vibrating motor
1x green LED
1x switch
2x cable clips
2x zip ties
super glue

I started building the vibrobot by drilling one hole each in the center of the cable clips, the holes must be large enough to pass the wire through. I then striped the ends of two wires, put them through each of the holes and super glued them along the inside of the cable clips. The next step was to glue the two cable clips together at the ends where the mounting holes are. This will be the battery clip as well as the body of the vibrobot. After that was complete I scavenged a vibrating motor from an old cell phone along with a green LED from a parts bin. Those were then super glued onto the battery clip. The next step was to solder everything together, I included a rough schematic in the slide show for anyone who may need it. After that it was time to add the legs. For the legs I cut four 2 1/4" sections of zip tie and bent them upwards at the 1" and 1 1/4" points from one end and cut the ends so that they would have a point. The final step was to super glue the legs to the battery clip. The vibrobot is able to operate on four of its six sides, but all it really does is spin around :/ (any advice?). I really wish that I took pictures during the build so that I could put up a proper instrucable, I may make one if enough people ask or for the next version. Here is a video showing the vibrobot operating on different sides, I apologize for the poor quality cell phone video (maybe the cell phone should be used for my next vibrobot :D).




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