Snaring: the Path of the Least Resistance

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One day, you might find yourself lost in the woods while camping! One day, the stock market will crash and are YOU ready to survive? Traps and Snares are one of the most important things while surviving. Blake Alma, the founder of The Art of the Outdoorsman once said, "A trap is as someone else hunting for you when you can't, it is truly your best hunting buddy!" This is so true. Unlike fishing poles and firearms, traps and snares work when you are sleeping! So learning how to make a simple snare is indeed helpful for it is an art of an outdoorsman!. Let's get started!

The video above is a video regarding how to make this path, you can watch it now or down below after reading. Please realize if you don't watch that video you will be clueless on how to make this snare! :)

Video Link:

Step 1: Build the Basic Snare

The video above teaches how to create the basic snare, please watch.

Step 2: Look for Game Trails

You might see grass in a park or in your yard all trampled (bent over). It is like that because something travels over it often. Note, it might be a human but probably not, unless its huge trail. Regardless, it is a great place to set a snare.

Step 3: The Path of the Least Resistance

The video above instructs how to create the path, please watch.



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