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I love the beach and I really miss it when I am away, so I decided to bring a piece of peace into my living room.  I placed it in front of my favorite sofa and I enjoy it everyday.

I made this piece using a log and some seashells I found in the beach, a piece of used fisher net I bought in the harbor (this has pieces of two colors, but you can choose anyone), some eyebolts, two hardware hangers, some big nails from a railroad track and some clay ornaments with sea motives I had in my basement.  You can add whatever reminds you from the place you want to "go".  You can also choose another theme, such as the rainforest or the desert.  Just let your imagination and creativity fly together and "voila".

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    Reply 8 years ago on Introduction

    It is about 4 ft. long, dermacis, but you can make it any size depending on what you find. About the ornaments, it is not easy to tell you where to get them, but you can look for something appropriate in bazars, in your basement or in stores. You can also make something with clay or plaster using a shell as a mold and paint it in any color you like. These are vases, but they don't have to be vases. I considered making some plaques with a shell imprint. If you do something, please send me the picture. I would love to see what I inspired.