The Best Airsoft Guide EVER

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Step 1: Description

Airsoft is a sport where people shoot one and other with plastic BB's from air guns.The 4main categories are c02,green gas,spring,and electric. I prefer electric and gas.when you play It isn't about strength it's technique

Step 2: Choosing a Gun

To choose a gun you need to decide what roll you are.Snipers should get very powerful 600-800 FPS (feet per second) sniper rifle.Scouts should get a battery powered SMG (Sub Machine Gun)and a nice spring pistol. Frontmen should get an AK-47,MP5,or any other battery rifles and c02 pistol.Backup should have a solid shotgun and pistol combo. Heavys's should have any battery rifle with drum mags or if your a little richer a minigun.Leaders should have a 600 FPS mp5 ,a SMG,and maybe a c02 pistol.

Step 3: Accessories Clips,Bags,masks,Ammo,etc.etc.

You should always have at least an extra clip shooting glasses an 100 rounds of BB's.i have a vest,bag,1000 BB's,my MP5,c02 pistol (FYI I'm a leader),and a telescope at all times choose what you wish.

Step 4: Tricks.

Look at other instructables for homemade grenades,mines,And more.

Step 5: Conclusion

Have fun,be safe,and pick up a gun and get out there. PS Sorry bout the quality of the pics. PPS please vote



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    2 Discussions


    6 years ago on Introduction

    The most predictable and unhelpful guide to airsoft.

    kian t

    6 years ago

    It's not called a clip