The Best Bacon Snack Since Cavemen Were Around




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During a recent archaeological dig, cave drawings and instructions were found showing how one caveman named Grug made an offering to his caves shaman Sian-De-Witch.

I have attempted to interpret this recipe as closely as I can using modern available products.

Grug is believed to be understandably upset that his creation was hijacked and plagarised in the 18th Century by an English Earl.

Step 1: Grug Hunt Wild Boar and Put on Fire

So I purchased some bacon from the supermarket, I used Manuka Smoked Shoulder Bacon and removed the rind, this was put in the oven at 250C

Step 2: Grug Crush Grains and Make Flat Bread

I used a loaf of Country Grains Bread, however any bread is acceptable.

Step 3: Grug Put Sweet Hot Molasses Mix on Bread

Nearest I could find was Sweet Chilli Sauce available most supermarkets. I spread this on one piece of the bread.

Step 4: Grug Find Pterodactyl Nest and Take Egg, Cook Egg

I think Grug may be exaggerating here as the Pteradons had long since been extinct, however I substituted with a fresh Chickens Egg, fried Easy Over in Olive oil

Step 5: Grug Put Pig Meat and Egg on Bread and Cut With Flint Knife, Serve on Mammoth Bone

Sandwich assembled, cut (triangles are best - don't know why - they just are) and put on plate.



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    Reply 3 years ago on Introduction

    No it is BACON that's what it says on the packet HELLERS MANUKA SMOKED BACON nanananana! :-)