The Best Cappuccino on the Planet

Introduction: The Best Cappuccino on the Planet

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There is nothing like the smell of fresh hot coffee to start the day. Here is how I make the best Cappuccino on my planet!

Step 1: Start With the Right Coffee Pot!

The Cappuccino coffee maker is only way to make the best coffee that I know of. It can make all the difference in the world for flavor and enjoyment. They can be purchased in many Italian Delis or stores that sell coffee pots. Or on the web.

Step 2: Get Some Good Cappuccino Coffee.

My favorite Cappuccino cofffee is Bustelo brand . there are others too, your choice.

Step 3: Use Filtered, Bottled, or Tap Water.

Fill the lower half of the pot  about 3/4 to 9/10 with water, just even, or below the coffee screen insert.

Step 4: Measure the Coffee

Measure the coffee. Two well rounded Tablespoons is recommended . But adjust to your own taste for weaker or stronger brew.

Step 5: Place the Pot Halves Together.

The pot top screws onto the lower part. Place on the heat. I have an electric stove. So it goes right on the coil. Gas stoves may be different , there may be a stand or grill to place the pot on. Do not melt or fry the handle so keep it off  to the side of the burner. I turn the electric stove to Hi cause I just can't wait any longer for my brew!

Step 6: Pour Your Coffee Into a Small Cup and Add Whip Cream & Cinnamon!

When the coffee boils and moves to the top part of the pot (see and hear steaming coffee) tun it off. Wait a few seconds. Pour into a smaller cup than usual. Add  1 teaspoon of sugar, whipped cream and sprinkle some cinnamon on top. Ahhh! Sip this brew slowly. Remember this is strong and robust! Sometimes I like it black, sometimes with the sweet stuff. Everyday my taste buds change. Such is the way of our wonderful world of senses . Thank God for coffee! Enjoy. Triumphman  

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    8 years ago on Step 6

    I can almost smell that coffee! Yum!

    Several members of my family make coffee this way in old steel pots like yours - very Italian (we're not but have lots of Italian culture in our city)- but I hadn't thought of making it this way for cappuccino (or fake-accino).

    Here (Melbourne, Australia), we usually get a sprinkle of chocolate (Hot Chocolate powder) on top of our cappuccino, though I've heard that's not the Italian way. No one seems to have cappuccino here any more, as caffe latte, short black etc have become the trend in our cafe society.

    Hope you keep enjoying your cappuccino for many years- your pot will become a family heirloom ;)


    8 years ago on Introduction

    Thank you Penolopy! I believe the
    Cappuccino maker is about 40+years old. It was handed down from relatives. It still looks and works great.