The Best Ever Guitar Pick Stand




I'm sure that i am not the only guitar player out there that looses their guitar picks all the time! So here is how to make my guitar pick stand.

Things you'll need:

Plastic pipe
A place to cut your pipe



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Step 1:

Mark on your piece of pipe how long you want it to be with pencil, now cut with your handsaw, mine in the picture is 14cm long.

Step 2:

Now stand your piece of pipe up and with a ruler and pencil mark a line down the middle and cut, i found that a vice grip was good to hold it. Try and cut as straight as possible.

Step 3:

Mark on the top of either of your cut pieces of pipe where you want your picks to stand, i found 1 cm apart was best, now cut until you have gone through the pipe slightly, while cutting you can stop and put your pick into the cut to see if you need to make it deeper.

Step 4:

If you would like to you can now go and sand over your cuts to make them smooth, because you have two pieces of pipe you can even make another one! Finished, hope you found it not too hard!

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    Really interesting concept, I had just used a modification on my strap before, but I don't use the strap when I'm sitting in my office. I have a cheap mic I use when just practicing, so I took a hacksaw blade (I use thin picks) and made a half dozen notches along the top side. With the way I sit, I can reach over and snag one without getting up now. Thanks for the idea!


    5 years ago

    I'm always losing picks! Might just have to try this! Thanks for sharing :D

    1 reply