The Best Hiding Places




Introduction: The Best Hiding Places

This Instructable will will give you 5 hiding places for some emergency cash, store your memory card's, keys and other valuable things. hope you like it!!!

1) Comb

2) Inhaler

3) Glue stick

4) Trimmer

5) Elastic crepe bandage

Step 1: Hide Cash in Comb

you can use your comb to hide cash and small documents and password, its easy and simple and no one cannot find the cash in comb.

you can use your paddle hair brush to hide cash and some valuable things in it by removing the epoxy tips and place cash inside and close it. thats it

Step 2: Hide Cash in Inhaler

No one will touch our personel things, this is the best way to keep emergency cash.

remove the container and open the inhaler you will find a cotton absorbent stick replace the cotton stick with cash and close the lid thats it simple and easy!!!

Step 3: Hide Cash in Glue Stick

This is the another way to keep cash, passwords and valuable things.

if you found a glue stick open it and remove the glue ,seperate the case take some measurements cut the glue as required ,place the cash inside and close it.

Step 4: Hide Cash in Trimmer

By opening the trimmer battery case you will find space to hide cash and memory's ,Not only the trimmer where ever the battery case is available you can store the cash.

Step 5: Hide Cash in Cotton Bandage

This is looks like funny but you can keep more cash in this by rolling the cash with the band,

For each one i uploaded GIFS , i think this is the best way to explain!!

thank you!!

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    2 Discussions


    2 years ago

    The comb hide is a good trick for both trips and shared apartments. The gluestick is a neat solution an I was tempted to use it (I consume lots of gluestick for 3d printing). But I fear I will forgot what's inside the stick and I'll throw it to the bin when it is exhausted.


    2 years ago

    Thank you:)