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1. Let's face it. You either have cats or furniture. 2.For some reason, the more care you take into taking decissions for your cat, the more the cat decides not to care at all. The cat decides otherwise. To make things work for you and your cat you should encourage the things that come natural to them. Like cardboard boxes. ( no clue on why this comes natural to them). If I would have a cardboard box lying around it would take less then a minute for a cat to find this box and completely destroy it.

The scratch problem is really something you want to redirect. (Yes redirect, you can't eliminate this urge,see comment 1).Some genius "invented" a cardboard scratch board. I bought one for cheap and was very sceptical if this would work (see comment 2) Well, what can I say. This is the best cat product I ever bought. It now has been used by three cats and they kind of consider it as their safe haven. When done with scratching they love to stay around it, on top of it, rolling over it even sleeping on it.

Although this cardboard scratch board can be bought for cheap I chose to make one myself. The store bought version was utterly worn out and I did not feel like buying on. Still it is a great little project you can complete in half an hour with limited resources and money.

You need:
-corrugated cardboard box ( bananabox, grocery box, free of course)
-masking tape
-glue (I used white glue. But I can imagine that a starch based glue is better or safer?)
-stanley knive and metal ruler
-pen or marker

Step 1: Cut Cardboard in Strips

Cut long strips of currogated cardboard using a ruler or strip of wood. Strips in the example are 400 x 30 x 8 mm.
Always cut cardboard with a knife in several runs. This makes a safer and cleaner cut.

Step 2: Glue Strips Together

The glue I used is white glue made for wood. I (my girl) spread it with a brush and use gloves in this process. Perhaps using a starch based eco-friendly glue is a better choice. Tile the strips on top of each other? Don't worry that it might be uneven. The cats don't mind and you can press it down once everything is glued on. Make sure the board is long and wide enough for your cat to lie on.

Step 3: Finishing Off

When all strips are glued together you can flatten it down and tape it together using masking tape. I made a little frame using the letfovers from the bottom and sides of the box. Also these sides are taped together with masking tape. When one side of the scratch board is all worn out you can lift the frame and flip it over.
Leave the project to dry overnight and then present it to your cat (cats). They will love it!) if they are are not convinced by themselves, a little catnip (spray) works like charm. Enjoy, thank you for checking out this instructable.

Step 4: Cats Enjoying Themselves

Proof: Munching, resting, desiring your attention, destruction mode on



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    2 years ago

    My cat does love the commercial version, but cats seem to scratch whenever they get a notion*, which means whatever is within reach at the moment. The solution might be to scatter a number of these around the house.

    * Or the voices tell them to scratch. It's obvious to anyone who watches a cat that they have both auditory and visual hallucinations.

    1 reply

    2 months ago

    My 3 young cats pass hours with any size or shape of cardboard box, sleeping in it if it's big enough, playing in and round it, destroying it, until I get fed up with mobile cartons trying to break my neck, filled with Katz (my name for the fratrie of 3), and it goes.
    But this idea is purrfect, I shall make my dear little balls of energy 2 or 3, in the hope of being saved from having to use shutters, as the curtains are shredded and sit on the floor, as they have squatted, with the dogs, every spared sitting place. It's really cheap and easy, but I just feel my cats will love it to death..


    2 years ago

    Maybe worth an scientific experiment. Build cardboard houses and see if there is a pattern to where they scratch. Outcome is likely to be influenced by the supernatural of course.


    2 years ago

    Murder mittens, I like that one. Thank you for your comment!


    2 years ago

    Cute and simple! Our cat would love this :) Not sure if I want to give her more things to sharpen her murder mittens though. . . XD