The Best Steak Ever.





Introduction: The Best Steak Ever.

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Although there are other steak instructables out there, This one is mind and documents my quest to havethe BEST STEAK EVER!. It seems my quest begins long before you even get the meat on your grill.

There are 3 ingredients Steak, Salt Pepper and one tool FIRE!

STEAK + FIRE = AWESOMESAUCE! But no sauce on a steak, the meat needs no condiments.

STEP 1. Raise that Cow RIGHT. I did not eat the fellow above but one of his children. The bull looked up and said damn son you smell delicious. Not really it is just a really twisted joke. If I have not offended you yet keep reading cause my humor is bit on the dark spectrum, and perhaps we should be friends.

This is a Hereford Bull that is bred to Black Angus Heifers. Ill let the Beef Council discuss the finer points of Angus Beef stock, I just know that when you take a Cow, Feed it a grass diet it just tastes gooooooooooood. That is right Get a all grass fed steer, you can get decent results with a corn/grass fed cow but we are going after the BEST STEAK EVER!

Step 1: Get to Tha Butcher!!!

STEP 2. Take that Cow to your local Butcher/Meat packer. Specify the cuts you want on your order, and wait. I asked for a couple T-bones to be only refrigerated. In a couple days you will receive a call to come and get it. GO GET YOUR STEAK

*Edit* See the comment below about aging beef.

Step 2: Prepwork

STEP 3. While you are putting the frozen steak in the freezer let your fresh T-Bones Chill,out waiting for their moment to shine or is that sizzle. This will allow them to come closer to room temperature Fire up your grill and preheat your searing burner.

Step 4. Some like to use oil but I give the BEST STEAK EVER, a spritz with a water bottle so that I can rub it down with coarse sea salt and fresh cracked pepper corns. BOTH SIDES. Admire the T Bones and thank the cow for making such a tasty meats.

Step 3: Grillz

Step 5. Now that your grill is up to temp, Sear those 16oz T-Bones for 60 -90 seconds a side. Only turn the meat with tongs or a spatula never poke the meat with a fork as you do not want that juice to leak out

Step 6. Transition, the BEST STEAK EVER, to the main grill that should be at a medium flame and Let it cook for 4-5 minutes per side for medium rare.

I use the Touch method to test for the doneness of my steak.

  • Touch your index finger to your thumb with one hand then poke the meat of your thumb with your other hand feel how firm that is? That would be rare.
  • Thumb to middle finger is about medium rare.
  • thumb to ring finger is medium.
  • Thumb to pinky means that you do not have the best steak ever you have turned your tasty meat into boot leather and made the spirit of that cow cry. If you make a steak well done on purpose, you are a bad person, and should feel bad.

Step 4: Rest and EAT

Step 7, Place the steak on a plate and cover it with a plate cover to allow it to rest, while you nuke the bag of broccoli but honestly who cares about the plant matter and sides we want BEEF, and THE BEST STEAK EVER! GET IN MEH BELLY!

This is all in good fun, I like knowing where my meat comes from and I love a good steak. This was the first half of a cow I have ever purchased and I am by far pleased with the results. I have a freezer full of steak and hamburger and I got to try a fresh never frozen grass fed T bone. Seriously there was only one steak I had that was better, and that was a Kobe Steak that was cooked professionally to rare. That steak was so tender that I could cut it with a spoon and it figuratively melted in my mouth. But as you cant get Japanese beef in the states anymore due to the restrictions brought about by Mad Cow. I have to rate my grass fed T-Bone pictured above as the #2 best steak I have ever had.



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    Don't cheat yourself- if you are having your own animal butchered, or sharing one between friends ask the butcher to HANG THE MEAT for at least a week, preferably 2 weeks.

    This dry aging (where the sides are hung under refrigeration) will tenderize your meat and allow flavors to develop that you just can't get in beef that is hung for just a few days.

    You'll be glad you did!

    2 replies

    You are correct, age the meat for as long as you can. I do this will almost every deer I get, weather permitting. It makes a world of difference!

    ....The more you know ?

    Seriously that is a great addition. The key is not to say my steak was the best steak ever but to get your steaks to be the best steak ever.

    Thank you for the tip, I will have the next one hung. This is why I like the community here, I learn something new while sharing what I know.

    Directions: Take steak, put on Ron Swanson shirt, put steak in mouth.

    2 replies

    Why would you mythbust something all the best chefs in the world do? Americans are strange...

    Hmmm... I may have to adjust my personal steak grilling habits. That is a compelling counterpoint to the whole process of resting meat.

    Sometimes im surprised im not a vegetarian i hate the fact of hurting animals and cows but they taste sooooooo goooood cx

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    I know right? I Love meat, I hate butchering my own meat. It is the quick clean kill that gets me, I am afraid that if I screw it up I will cause the animal to suffer. That is the reason I am probably the most careful hunter, I don't take the shot unless it will be dropped almost instantly.

    There is a technique for killing chickens that is extremely humane. But it is a bit is not something that I am comfortable posting yet. Basically the chicken is held inverted in a cone to put it in the euphoric state, then a filet knife is inserted through the bottom of the brain pan and severs the spinal column from the brain, The bird is dead at this point but the heart is still beating so that you can cleanly bleed it with a slice across the jugulars. It makes plucking that much easier as they don't flop around like a decapitation But even then I hate doing it. I only have Hens now as I like fresh eggs but I hate butchering chickens. :(

    Listen to the queen. Both beef and cheese need to aged.

    You have the basics right. Good genes raised on good food, treated kindly while it's on the hoof and with respect whiles its on the flame.

    My only question is: how do you train your cattle to grow square tbones? Down under our tbones have a tender tail to taste as we tell tall tales to travellers.

    Also, to build on what cheese quuen said. If you want tender, go the fillets on your tbone. If you want the best taste, try the rump. Working muscles take a bit more finesse on the bbq, but the flavour is worth it.

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    I will, and I don't know what the heck the butcher was thinking. The only explination was that he weighed them and was like hmmm he wanted 16 oz steaks these are coming in at 20-24 oh well a little off the bottom never hurt em... And I wind up with a square steak. (shrug) It was still a tasty piece of beef.


    3 years ago

    'Free range' beef is the best. I don't have a beer belly, I have a beef belly thanks to fabulous free range grass fed beef.

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    I know right. I dont think I will buy beef any other way. I have had chickens off and on for years but not beef. And now that I know I can get 1/4 cow for about $350 and 1/2 for about $650 I will never go back to the supermarket.