The Best Way to Pack Your Suitcase ( Like a Pro)




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This is a short and easy instructable on how should you pack your suitcase when you go out on a trip or conference.
In your family at least one of you go out for a trip.
So I'm here to show you a method that is very easy and will save time.
Ok so let's get started... Prefer to skip step 1and go to step 2 for starting*

Step 1: This Is How People Commonly Do to Pack Their Suitcases

I think most of the people pack there suitcases the way given above.

Step 2: Procedure ( Part 1)

So basically we roll the cloth and pack them in the suitcase.
The instructions for rolling the shirt or pant are given above^
Till now I guess so it is very easy!!

Step 3: Procedure (Part 2)

Now just arrange the rolls into the suitcase.There can be different methods to arrange the rolls of clothes depending on the suitcase.

Step 4: $$$

You can also create another layer on top of the rolls
You can next put your laptop and other things in zips and pockets and also on top of the rolls

Now put the straps present in the suitcase shown above.

Step 5: Advantages

# saves lot of space
# saves lot of time
# easier than folding clothes done before by people
# easier to find things instead of removing everything!!!!
Thank you so much guys:)

This method can be used anywhere in many places and plays do vote



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    3 years ago

    very nice I will surely use this method in future thank you


    3 years ago

    I request everyone only if you feel if my stuff is genuine and really useful for you vote for me.


    3 years ago

    Here take a look at this link
    I bet it will surely help you


    3 years ago

    Actually you do not get muck wrinkles when you pack it this way
    If your using cotton it will surely wrinkle however you keep it i


    3 years ago on Introduction

    Hi! that's so awesome and easy, I used this method, cause I travel (..a lot) but the only trouble I've found are the wrinkles (and I don't have an iron on my room), You've any suggestion??

    ...sorry if my english isn't so good, it is not my native language.