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There are several ways to rip out stitches (including taking a straight razor blade to the seam and pulling the two sides apart while cutting with the razor blade), but if you don't want to damage your fabric, this is the best way by far to remove unwanted stitches. Great for undoing mistakes in garment sewing or quilting.

Step 1: Rip Out Every Fourth Stitch

On one side of your fabric, cut through every 4th stitch with a good stitch ripper by placing the stitch ripper under the stitch and pulling upward and away from your body with the thread against the bottom of the U shaped part of the stitch ripper.
This is a gentle action, and does not damage the fabric - a gentle tug with the stitch ripper should cut the thread, on this side of the fabric only.

You don't need to count exactly - just cut through roughly every 3rd or 4th stitch on one side.

Step 2: Turn Over and Pull Thread to Remove All Stitches

Turn the fabric over and pull on the thread that you haven't cut. (You may have to pull the thread up from the other side if it's caught underneath.)

Once you pull on the long thread, all the stitches will come out, without any stress on your fabric.

Check out the video - it's like magic!

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