The Bic (shooting Bottle Cap) Party Trick

Introduction: The Bic (shooting Bottle Cap) Party Trick

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Quite a few years back during my party years I picked up this trick, I wowed fellow bar patrons with this trick opening corona beer bottles. Though nowadays usually just get to show off at family functions when my brother and his fiance bring weird imports without the twist off caps or my daughter buys her favorite soda. Just thought I pass this off to the younger 20's crowd, great icebreaker for picking up girls, do the trick and make up some story how you learned it, or be cool and tell them truth you learned it on, works either way to get the dialogue started.

Simple trick when you don't have a bottle opener handy "The Bic Party Trick"

All that's needed is a Bic brand lighter because they have a flat edge on the bottom (other lighters generally don't work as well), Take the Bic with the bottom to the bottle, hold the bottle down on a flat surface, place the lighters bottom edge on one of the little crimped points on the cap, then with a hard and quick upward motion pop the cap off. Usually I can do it in 1 try but when the lighter starts getting chucked up like the one in the video it take a couple of tries.

What people get a kick out of about this trick is that cap really takes off when it pops, in fact because of my trick we've even create a beer cap shooting game where you have to use a bic and try to shoot your beers cap into something like a hat or basket and who ever gets it everyone in the party buys him or her the next beer or some other prize.

""""""""""""""""""""""""WARNING: Make sure you keep your hand as far up on the lighter as possible or you risk slipping and having the little points on the cap taking a small sliver of skin off your knuckle""""""""""""""

You can hear my daughter giggling, she still gets a kick out of the flying cap and she's seen me do this a thousand times!

Quick Note: Just did a search after publishing there are a few people who have posted similar tricks but everyone I looked at that was a lighter trick is bound to take some skin off, any of them will but with this one has less chance to be bleeding on your guests beer, or the girl or guy your trying to break the ice with.



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    when i dont have an opener i look for a curb and smash the top off. might be a bit sharp but your way works too. cant really carry a lighter ever though

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    I've done that myself, another in that same thought is really any edge like a brick, whatever you do though just don't use your teeth, a buddy of mine at a party found out the hard way that doesn't work to well. Ah wisdom with age I guess!

    when i dont have an opener i look for a curb and smash the top off. might be a bit sharp but your way works too. cant really carry a lighter ever though

    a slight variation on your technique that you might want to try ... take your left hand and slide it up farther on the neck of the bottle until it is resting just underneath the lighter.

    Use your left index finger as a fulcrum point for the lighter to pry off the bottle cap.

    Doing it this way you can almost always get the cap off on the first pry.

    Also you run MUCH less risk of skinned knuckles.

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    In norway its almost more common to open a beer that way then using a opener. :)

    Good advice, I attempted that and failed miserably, but I skinned a few knuckles learning this one, so it's probably going to be a learning curve.

    this is how I do it, works the first time and every time

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