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Hi There,

Here´s another Lampthing i`ve made.
I´ts a little arty so i dont do an Instructable about it, just telling you and show the pics, it would be very hard to do it exact the same causeof the parts wich i´ts made of.
But maybe you like it and do somthing similar or better.

-The body is made of two halfves of an 1960`s Eastblock Motorcycle Engine, an Jawa 175/Cz 175
-The legs are the lower wishbones of an BMW e 39 M spec.
-The foots are three rusty old collets
-The neck is the climate system wire of the same BMW e 39 M spec.
-The head isthehandleof an oldfire extinguisher
-an there´s some little parts like brasscrews, Textile covered cables, a brass lamp socket, a footswitch...

It´s pretty huge, about 96cm high.
The Lamp is Flickering

The hole thing tells a story about a big proud Bird walking along anywhere and finding a shiny necklet with a flickering stone on it.

The assembling:

It´s really easy,

-i do some threads in the first half of the boddy
-Polishing everything, exept the foots
-cut the collets so i get six parts, weld together so i got three abreast each side, drill ahole 6mm
-do a threat 5mm in the downside of the wishbones
-screw the foots to the wishbones
-screw 1 leg to each bodyhalf
-do the cabe through the neck
-screw the neck to the body
-cable through the head
-screw the head to the neck
-screw the body halves together
-cabeling on the socket, put the bulb in
-cabeling on the switch and plug.


Hope you like.



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