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Introduction: The Birds Costume

I made this costume last year, very last minute. It is very easy to make and very cheap.

I love the movie "The Birds", so I decided to throw something together from the movie. My costume is the Melanie Daniels character played by Tippi Hedren.

Green suit and sweater or green dress and jacket
fake birds
fake blood
blond wig
ripped panty hose
black shoes

I found the green suit and sweater at a thrift store and bought the wig on clearance from Wal-Mart. I already had the black shoes, old hose and fake blood.

The smaller birds were Halloween decorations, also on clearance. They had wire ties around the feet. I used the wire to attach the birds to the suit and then smeared fake blood on the suit where the birds were.

The larger birds are doves found in the floral department of a craft store that I spray painted black. The doves also had wire around the feet that I used to attach to the suit.

I used an old torn pair of hose and attached a small bird to one of the legs then added more blood.

The blond wig was styled in an up-do and decorated with a few birds and more blood.

I finished up by adding a little more blood to my face and neck.

The entire costume cost less than $20. It took about 1 1/2 hours to make and that was only because I had to wait for the spray paint to dry on some of the bird.



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    Oooh I was The Birds last year too :)

    Goodwill for the suit
    Blonde wig
    Buncha crows
    Fake blood

    I glued strands of my wig into the birds mouths and when I walked the huge bird on my shoulder would peck me.

    I would stop and scream every so often

    Glad to see you made your own also!

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    This is so cool! I loved that movie!

    The brand for birds are "Natures Friends"!

    I've done this costume before. I used a music box motor in a pill box hat and the birds were on wires that flew around my head.

    This movie scared me do badly that to this day I freak out when I see more than two birds together. LOL. For me this would make the perfect scary costume. So awesome

    Hi I made this costume and used it 3 times in the 80's. The difference is I used red hot glu to put the birds on. I also took the mechanical part of a music box and attached wires in it. I put this in a pill box hat. When you wound the music box part the wires would turn. I attached birds to the wires. The birds would then fly around my head :).

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    That is awesome! My friend was dan one year... he did the same thing except he looked a little bit more dead!

    -Building King